The diary game // 3rd March, 2021// Unforseen circumstance on Holy Saturday (post 100% power up)

Dear diary, it's Saturday and in the Christian community, it's Holy Saturday.

I try as much as I can to be up early on Saturdays because most often than not, I have to wash and grind beans for my Saturday special - Akara and Moi-Moi.

Today was no different. In addition to cooking, this is the first Saturday of the month so, I need to stock up on my house supplies.

By past 6a.m, I was up and about. I got the beans ready for the mill and my cousin went to do the grinding. When my son woke up, he clearly was not looking well.

Honestly, I was getting confused because I did not foresee any sick child this period. Mind you, I am still struggling with my health. Anyway, my lovely husband stood in the gap to help my sanity. He quickly went to buy malaria drugs for both children. Before I could prepare the akara, I had to feed him cereal which he was forced and then took the drug.
Drug for my son

Well, I quickly made breakfast,
Akara and pap for breakfast
left the sick chap in the company of my brother and cousin and hurried to the main market with my husband and daughter.

The sun showed me no mercy today as I had to brave the scorching heat to buy items I needed. I spent about three hours there.

On our return, I made lunch and proceeded to organise the things which I bought and in addition, start prepping for tomorrow's food.
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and mostly visitors are inevitable. I can't give any excuse.

I started with the meat. I had to cut them into bits, wash and per-boil for packing in the freezer.
My perboiled meat

I also had to prepare the tomatoes for stew and don't forget there's a live chicken waiting for me.

I managed to do all these including cooking my Moi-Moi for dinner and preparing the chicken
My waiting to be fried chicken

and by past 11pm, I was sure cooking the next day wouldn't take much time.

That's my diary session for today. Goodnight.

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Quickly recovery to you and your child. Do not touch my chicken @chinma

06.04.2021 22:05

You have a nice post. It was organized.

06.04.2021 22:11

Thank you.

07.04.2021 05:29

Quick recovery to you and your kids.. pls be strong, it's not really easy but you've to strong and pray enerstly for them

06.04.2021 22:16

Thank you so much. I really have to be .

07.04.2021 05:30

Nice meals you got.

06.04.2021 22:38

@chinma. Really I had mixed feeling reading your diary. I said it before and I will say it again, you are a SUPER WOMAN from the way you handle your household and you have a very supportive hubby. Good health to you all and get well soon. Really I prefer homemade "akara, moimoi, and agidi" Continue to think and plan ahead for your family. Best wishes

07.04.2021 11:46

Thank you so much @emjeak. Your comments are always heartwarming.

07.04.2021 13:46