The diary game // 31st March, 2021 // Pushing myself (100% power-up)

Dear diary, I definitely feel not alright today. It's the last day of the month of April and I woke up by past 6a.m. We had our morning devotion and I was too tired to do anything today.

I managed to prepare noodles for my children and for the rest of us, we find our way.

If not that my colleague is going on leave and she's to handover her duties to me, I surely would have taken time off work. Here am I trying to smile and push myself to work.

At work, work continued. Our goal is to tidy up all the paperwork before the Easter celebration which is not an easy task.

Since I didn't eat breakfast, sooner had I worked that my belly started rumbling. I began with the coconut I bought yester-night. I think that didn't sit well with my tummy because I felt very uncomfortable.

Just before noon, I made my way to the food vendors and the only meal that piqued my interest was the African Salad. Fortunately, the seller just arrived so I had the opportunity to select a big fish.

I made my way to a quiet corner to eat my food in peace and took a selfie of my tired face there.

Back to the office, we continued and before long, my boss came to inform us to please try to finish up by the following day. We promised him we would even though my body was telling me otherwise.

At close of work, I made my way home after hustling for transportation. At home, I was glad that power which had been out for some days had been restored. Funny enough, all our neighbours had power all through this ordeal. The fault selected only a handful of houses and throughout this period, they always had power.

I managed to take my bath and lay down to rest. I just am avoiding buying drugs not knowing the degree of maybe malaria parasite I may have. I have promised myself to try and run a laboratory test tomorrow.

Night time, I managed to eat dinner, I watched my Television series 'Greed and Desire' and it's time to sleep. Goodnight diary.

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Beautifully written @chinma appreciate it.

01.04.2021 13:22


01.04.2021 13:43

Wow... You had a great day athough there are little hiccups. But you are good. I'm attracted to that your food ...

01.04.2021 21:30