The diary game // 29th March, 2021// Tasks and white collar jobs (100% power up)

Dear diary, it's another Monday. I woke up by past 5a.m to prepare breakfast/lunch. During the week, I do not stress myself to prepare breakfast separately for everyone. I only once in a while, make my home made buns my sweetbunch take as breakfast and snacks for school. The leftover, the remainder of my household can then munch on.

Today, I decided to prepare spaghetti with veggies. As the mother of the house, I still had my leftover rice. I remade it with veggies and eggs.

After all the morning preparation, we left for our various destinations. Today, I am unveiling and showcasing my new hairdo. Hope it would be counted as beautiful. It's so light weight and air can actually touch my scalp. Seems like I would make this hairdo frequently.

At work, our task was awaiting us. We had to arrange the payslips of over 3000 staff. We still have that of February to sort and arrange. So much for white collar job! I am grateful though because I know how much I desired and prayed for it.
Part of our task completed

By closing time, I made my way home. I had to go to the local market to buy fresh fish that I would use in cooking tomorrow. I ended up buying milk for my children, groundnut oil, fresh tomatoes and other spices.

I got home in time to watch 'Greed and Desire'.
Nthasisi on the left and Thakane on the right.

After that, I helped my son with his homework after which they went to sleep and I kept on tossing and turning until...Goodnight diary.

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So much for a white collar job,they can be really stressful, but it's good you are enjoying your job. Well done ma.

30.03.2021 14:58
30.03.2021 15:05

Your day went quite well. Yes despite how hectic paid employment is, once salary is paid, all the pains are forgotten. At least, you have something to look forward to by the end of the month.

twopercent #nigeria

30.03.2021 15:08

That's very true although like you know, money is never enough.

30.03.2021 15:50

Oh my! You mean you did all that alone,even the sight of the work you did as seen in that picture is scary..Weldon ma,I believe you'll be rewarded for your dilligence someday.

30.03.2021 15:44

@lhorgic, it isn't just me. We are four but it takes like three days to finish that of a month at maximum capacity. Unfortunately, we have five months to treat.

30.03.2021 15:52

@chinma I feel for you,I understand it's not an easy task. The Lord will strengthen you and your colleagues.

30.03.2021 16:06

Amen. Thanks so much

30.03.2021 16:41

@chinma your hairdo is nice, it's called "twisting". I do make the hair too. What's one thing with white collar job, but it's cool you enjoy what you do. And those veggies are really nice. Thanks for sharing

31.03.2021 08:32

Yes, it's twisting and it came out nice. Yeah, the veggies made the food more interesting. Thanks for your comment.

31.03.2021 08:40