The diary game // 27th March, 2021 // My Saturday Story (post 100% power up)

Dear diary, it's Saturday! In as much as it's a work free day, it's also a house work day since I have my weekly clean-up and cooking to do today.

I woke up by past 6a.m and was reminding myself to sleep some more since it's a weekend. By past 7a.m, I knew I had to get up and face today's task.
My morning face

I started with washing beans for my weekly fried bean balls(akara) and bean pudding (Moi-Moi). Within minutes, I was through and set to go grind it at the commercial mill. While I was getting set, a neighbour brought clothes for sale. Since it would take me time to select, my cousin had to go grind the washed beans. I got some beautiful clothes for my children and for me also.
My new clothes

Next was my trip to the local market to get foodstuffs I would be cooking. My meat for the month had finished so I had to buy meat, other soup ingredients and tomatoes for stew. My soup for the week is Oha soup but I will make a small soup during the week solely for my husband because he finds it difficult eating one soup throughout the week.

I started cooking both simultaneously and spent about three hours prepping and cooking. By the time I was through, it was evening. I intend posting the method of cooking on steemitfoods unfortunately, I have not made the post so cannot provide the link here.

Dinnertime, my household ate Eba and the oha soup while I ate very little since I am conscious of my weight.

Saturdays, there really are no interesting programmes for me to watch but I was lucky to catch a movie which was just beginning. The movie 'Run all night' is one hell of an interesting movie.

images (2).jpeg

It features Liam Neeson as an Assassin working for a Mob boss. His estranged son witnesses the murder of his passengers by the son of his father's boss. He is haunted to be killed since he is a witness but the father gets wind of it and moves to protect his son. In the process, he kills his boss's son which triggers a chain of event leading to a 'run all night'.

By the time we finished watching the movie, it is past 10p.m. Time to sleep. Goodnight diary.

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Run all night is an interesting movie..Nice write up

28.03.2021 16:30

I totally agree with you. Thanks so much for your comment.

28.03.2021 16:54

Nice diary

28.03.2021 16:44

Thank you.

28.03.2021 16:54

Lovely write up ,thanks for sharing

28.03.2021 16:49

Thank you so much for reading.

28.03.2021 16:55

Wow nice one
You did spent your day well
The movie looks interesting, will watch it out ☺.
Nice sharing with us 👍.

28.03.2021 17:38

Thanks so much @imadear. It's a very interesting movie.

28.03.2021 17:42