The diary game // 25th March, 2021 // The visitation (Post 100% power up)

Dear diary, the week is gradually becoming a weekend. Thank God it's Thursday (TGIT). This Thursday has the Friday mood to it.

I got up by some minutes to 6a.m after my alarm clock had rung by 4:30a.m and I intentionally put it off. I joined in the morning prayers, made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast. Today I had no energy to cook any time consuming meal. I decided to make my home made buns that was preferred over bread. At the same time, I quickly cooked pasta for my sweetbunch to take to school since I had little stew left with hard boiled eggs. As usual I completely forgot to take pictures since I was in a haste.

At work, seems like the near weekend mood caught us all since my boss just let us be today doing only skeletal jobs. Since I did not eat the buns breakfast, I made my way to buy okpa made from Bambara seed. In addition I bought bananas and groundnuts for my colleague who was celebrating her birthday today. She was really grateful for the fruit gift and gave us drinks and snacks. We sang birthday songs for her and her expression showed she was happy.

I used my free time to read posts and comment on steemit in addition to posting my diary game contest. I was surprised when minutes later @trafalgar visited. That was the high point of my day. I am grateful.

At close of work, I bought noodles, vegetables and egg for my dinner. I have had craving for it since I saw @onos-steve food photography. Thankfully, I had Moi-Moi in my freezer. Behold my delightful dinner I shared with my sweetbunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By night, I watched my Television series'Greed and Desire'.
The wives of the late Uncles of Maru have placed a curse on the person(s) who brought all the badluck to the family. They even used a charm and gave the individual(s) seven(7) days to live. Let me see the outcome of their curse.

Since I am not the PJ masks (my son's favourite cartoon)
that uses night time to save the day, let me say Goodnight diary.

I am a member of steemalive and this is my introductory post


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@chinma, nice food photography you have there. Yours even looks more appetizing than mine. Nice diary, have a blessed day.

25.03.2021 21:20

Thanks plenty, I'm flattered.

26.03.2021 00:49

Congrats for your visit by @trafalgar, I which you more visits. Thanks for sharing your diary

25.03.2021 21:24

Thanks for your kind wishes. I pray so, Amen.

26.03.2021 00:50

Nice dairy.more visiting 🤗

25.03.2021 21:57

Amen, thank you.

26.03.2021 00:51

Congrats on your visit ma. I guess you will be very very excited for the vote. Thanks for sharing.

25.03.2021 22:01

Very excited, thanks so much.

26.03.2021 00:52