The diary game // 23rd March, 2021 // Work Continues...(Post 100% power-up)

Hello diary, Tuesday got me waking up by 6:00a.m thanks again to the piriton tablet plus the weather.

I made breakfast of porridge yam cooked with very ripe plantain and buns for my children's snack. I know very soon, they will get tired of this regular buns snack. I will try and get creative by doing some other snack. Since I was in a hurry, I forgot to take a picture of my delicious meal.

I left home by past 8a.m which is late and got to work some minutes before 9:00a.m. I am lucky we do not experience Lagos style hold-ups here.

On our way to school and work

At work, our task continued. I am looking forward to when we would conclude it. At a point, I had to pull off the high heeled shoes I was wearing so I could move around easily.

By lunch time, I took a break to eat my breakfast/lunch. I was famished. My boss also bought us soft drinks and crackers biscuit which I took home for my sweetbunch partly because I am avoiding soda for my weight loss goal. By the way, I have lost 3kgs plus. Little progress but progress anyway.

We closed work at the appropriate time. Luckily for me, my husband was around so I did not have to pass the stress of looking for my way home.

At home, I made a sumptuous meal of fried plantain and eggs as an early dinner for myself and my sweetbunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dinner for others was Eba and Oha soup. You can not blame me for eating what I desire right?

By 7:30pm, I watched my favourite Television series, 'Greed & Desire'.
Nthasisi crying for the death of her Uncles
I thereafter helped my son with his homework. They are teaching him addition now. I am impressed with his school. They are doing well.

Time to sleep. Goodnight diary.

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Omg ..the food is in board.. I feel like taking that this weekend though...Nice report tho

Best Regards !!!

24.03.2021 16:10

Thanks plenty bro. Plantain is rather becoming expensive though but the 'deliciousness' of the food is worth it.

24.03.2021 19:58

This your plantain and egg is hungrying ms o.
Can u send through bluetooth?

24.03.2021 16:11

Yes oh. Bluetooth ferried fried plantain and eggs are available for delivery. Lol. Thanks plenty @ochang.

24.03.2021 19:55

I have on my own o
When will u send it ?

24.03.2021 20:54