The diary game// 1st April, 2021// Battling with illhealth (post power up 100%)

Hello Steemians, welcome to a brand new month! It's the month of April. April 1st is officially or unofficially "fools day". I wonder how that came to be.

I woke up by past 5a.m weak and sick. I thought of calling my boss to take time off work, but I thought better of it. I remembered he had made us promise to round up the task given to us plus my senior colleague is to start her leave, so, I am supposed to organise some things before the Easter break.

I made jollof rice for breakfast/lunch and packed mine, my husband and my sweetbunch in our food flasks.

By some minutes past 8a.m, we left the house. I managed to take this selfie despite how sick I felt.

At work, I could hardly do much task. My entire body was as if I was beaten by a mob. I had to leave for the medical laboratory to carry out tests.

By closing time, I picked up the test results which showed I had 2+ malaria and some traces of typhoid. I had to go buy the recommended injection and drug.

At the pharmacy, it was not funny for me to take the injection. Infact, I ended up being laughed at. I was told that even little children may be more composed than me. I hate needles and so I don't care. I still had the niceness to smile on my return.

Back home, it was just a blur for me. I managed to eat
even though I was supposed to do that before taking the injection. Thank God tomorrow is a public holiday. I laid down to rest.

I do not even have the energy to watch my Television series tonight. Goodnight diary. I hope I am better tomorrow.

P.S. I had a problem that I did not know how to go about the solution. A good Samaritan out of the blues, unexpectedly tells me he would help. Today, that problem is solved. Thank you @kadosh2340.

I am a member of steemalive and this is my introductory post


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I trust you're better now..I can relate with that feeling you got when you were asked to take not proud to say this,but I hate needles too,am not forming macho here..lols.

04.04.2021 15:37

My fear of needles brother. Nice meeting you.

04.04.2021 15:39

Smiles..the pleasure is mine

04.04.2021 16:36

@chinnma. I can imagine how you felt that early morning, but your decision to go to work, makes you a SUPER WOMAN. Though your I'll health, but that beautiful smile still remains. I trust by now you are a whole lot better. Check out the cute smile from my little cutie, ain't that great. You have all these days to rest (Easter holidays). Get well soonest. Have a good night rest and best wishes.

04.04.2021 18:27

Thank you @emjeak. I am very much better but funny enough, it's like going to work is much better than staying home. I have not slept well due to the volume of house chores. Don't forget the children are home too. Thanks for your comment.

04.04.2021 18:59

A different pattern of introduction. Nice,I'm learning. Hope you get better @chinma

05.04.2021 04:34

Thank you

05.04.2021 06:36