Achievement 1 Task by @chinma: Introductory post to Steemit


Hello steemians! It's your girl Chinma with the user name@chinma. I am a Nigerian, currently residing in Nigeria. I am an Accountant working with a government agency.

I really do not have any first hand experience with crypto currency even though it seems every financial jingle seems to promote the use of crypto~money.

I love reeeaaading novels that border on Christian fiction, crime thrillers- I think John Sanford owes me one on his Lucas Davenport series. I also love cooking, watching interesting movies, sight seeing. I dislike lies.

I would love to see posts on food, books, healthy living, accounting, human resources e management, women's health, women's empowerment, everyday living and any other posts that will interest me. I hope to make posts on the above subjects too.

I think the universe like Paulo Coelho would say helped me overhear @beckie96830 talking to someone else about it.

I hope this platform would help me hone my writing skills while making some money too.

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Dear @chinma

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11.01.2021 19:00

Hearty welcome to steemit. I'm glad you finally joined steemit the blockchain for bloggers.

There are a lot of communities you can familiarize yourself with. Do well to join and here's a link to the ongoing contest in the Blockchain courtesy of @steemwomensclub

Here's the link:

@steemalive is also a wonderful community you wouldn't want to miss out on joining. Here's a link to join;



11.01.2021 19:17

Thanks darling for introducing me and all the patience in putting me through the basics in using this platform. ❤️❤️❤️

11.01.2021 19:26

Congratulations and welcome to the steemit community.

You have been upvoted by @whitestallion and I’m voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community.

11.01.2021 19:27

Thanks a million for your time. I look forward to making quality posts in this block - chain.

11.01.2021 19:35

You are highly welcome to steemit dear @chinma. You have made the right decision. Once you follow @stremitblog for #contest updates and remain active in the community of your choice, you will surely get the best out of your experience here.

twopercent #nigeria #affable

11.01.2021 19:36

Thanks, thanks and thanks again. I really appreciate this gesture.

11.01.2021 19:40

@chinma, you are welcome to steemit.
You are actually at the right place.
As you had been rightly told, join contests as well as follow @steemitblog for updates.
I look forward to what you have got for us here.
Best regards



11.01.2021 19:40

Congratulations @chinma on joining Steemit.
It is the best place to meet new people, learn new writing skills and earn crypto too.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steemit.

Do well to join the ongoing diary games and other contest on Steemit.

Best Regards!!!

onepercent #nigeria

11.01.2021 19:44

Welcome to steemit blockchain @chinma good to have you here.
once again welcome. 👍

11.01.2021 20:10

Bienvenida @ chinma, soy nueva en la plataforma pero esto y muy interesada en aprender y ayudar

11.01.2021 20:44

Thank you so much. Gracias!

12.01.2021 09:30

Hi, @chinma.

Welcome to the steem blockchain.

You can follow the #betterlife #thediarygame project
Follow @steemitblog for updates on steemit for upcoming contests and challenges
Follow @musicforsteem for music.

You are welcome to post any content in Steemit Nursery

Once more you are welcome to the home of fun.

twopercent #cameroon

11.01.2021 21:06

Thank you so much@fombae. I will definitely check on your recommended blogs. I sincerely appreciate.

12.01.2021 09:33

Welcome to steemit @chinma. Congratulations achievement 1. Success. The achievement are very important to learn and grow into steemit.

12.01.2021 01:48

Thanks so much and congratulations too on your achievements. I hope to grow like you.

12.01.2021 09:35

Welcome to steemit.
Keep following @steemitblog for latest updates.

Thank you, have a nice day.

12.01.2021 18:30

Thanks a lot.

13.01.2021 17:02