BeTronLive: An Online Casino Platform That Rewards Rake Tokens

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and many new technological innovations are being developed leveraging the blockchain technology. If you are a crypto enthusiast and one who loves to gamble, this is your lucky day!

Introducing BeTronLive, a live dealer casino that uses the TRON network blockchain – one of the biggest and the most trusted blockchain technologies in the world. It aims to provide the best gaming experience to its players while offering a fun way to earn.


Why BeTronLive?

While there are several online gaming sites today, BeTronLive offers more than just a great gaming experience. Check out these awesome benefits this platform has to offer:

Play at the comfort of your home

With real Casinos, you need to be physically around in order to play. But with this platform, you can play at the comfort of your home while wearing your pajamas. This is because it offers LIVE DEALERS who are well trained in handling the games. This feature will surely provide the players the same ambiance as what you experience in real physical Casinos such as the table set up and how they deal the cards or spin the wheel. Additionally, it offers a LIVE CHAT SYSTEM that would enable users to interact with each other real time.

Competitive Ambiance

Players around the world are welcome in this platform. This means that the players you are against with are not automated, but are LIVE PLAYERS who can be anyone from around the world, having varied abilities in terms of playing. This will give you a chance to grow as a player and to develop more strategies in playing online gambling. It is also a great avenue to meet new friends from the different parts of the world.

Earn while playing

With BeTronLive, online gambling and cryptocurrency are being combined to give users the optimum experience. For this project, RAKE tokens will be the main source to power up the platform and will be used to reward its users. There will only be 100,000,000 RAKE tokens that will be issued in order to further drive its value in the future, and this number will never be augmented. Hence, the sooner you get hold of this token, the more value it brings.

There are several ways to earn while using this platform – (1) playing several games on the platform and (2) watching video ads. All the RAKE tokens earned from BeTronLive will be directly deposited to the gamer’s wallet at the end of every game (any wallet that runs under the TRON blockchain technology can be used). The gamer has a choice to use the token to play another game, transfer it to other players, or have it traded on decentralized exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.



BeTronLive also features a LIVE STREAMING CAMERA which will capture every single scene during the live game. This will ensure that cheating will not be overlooked.

Additionally, since this platform runs on the TRON blockchain, all transactions (transfers and deposits of tokens) are recorded and well accounted for.

On top of that, assistance will be provided 24/7 in the form of a chat monitoring system to ensure players will be attended to for any concern.

More Gaming Options

BeTronLive has promised to offer several games for all its users such as dice game, RNG games, power games, Bingo, slot machines, sports bookies, and a lot more. This will surely give users a varied choice to keep everyone interested and entertained.

Many crypto enthusiasts are very excited for this new gaming platform that uses cryptocurrency. Are you excited as well? Brace yourself as BeTronLive will be launched very soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Looking forward for this interesting project.

28.07.2019 11:23

It's really a huge thing for me if I can do a lot of things in pajamas. lol they are so comfy! This project is so perfect for me!

Posted using Partiko Android

28.07.2019 11:48

Glad to see you are as excited as I am. Can't wait to play dice for those nice Rake tokens.

28.07.2019 17:43