My ASS token balance

FireShot Capture 060 - Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain -

For now I only have very few chips of this ASS, but I am gathering a dough to be able to pass to the next level, for now I will continue promoting these chips to see great the pig

FireShot Capture 059 - Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain -

I have seen that they have moved great mass and that these tokens are being promoted very well, they have had good publicity, if you want to join us should help with the tag #ASS and see how it grows this showed, of course it is also advisable to buy these chips at their best time

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24.08.2019 23:10

yes interesting and now you even got 12 ASS on your comment, and after curation you will get at least 1.2 :D

26.08.2019 02:43

And you just got 38 more ass on this post!

(but with 905 curation i am not sure, if i get 90% or if i have to have more than one curation i need to ask @holger80 or @eonwarped how curation works when i set author rewards to 10% like it is now, so i can have 90% curation :D

26.08.2019 02:43

You shall see the great pig! :D

And you got like 4 to 5 cents in USD from Steem upvotes too!

27.08.2019 00:27

hehe you got an upvote from @underground NICE see im glad my upvote and @tytran upvote helped!

here you commenetd on my ANX giveaway on so here is your 1 ANX prize! Its been withdrawn to your STEEM engien accont and u can withdraw that to EOS main net if you wish.

28.08.2019 08:47