Christine Lagarde Encourages Open Cryptocurrency Regulation #Do You Support Her?


Christine Lagarde is the presidential candidate of European Central Bank termed ECB in short and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Today, Cointelegraph reported that chief Christine Lagarde stated that central banks and financial supervisors should not only protect consumers interest but also be open to innovation such as cryptocurrencies. By this statement she meant that central banks and financial regulators should be open to the opportunities offered by change.

In her words, she noted:

”In the case of new technologies – including digital currencies – that means being alert to risks in terms of financial stability, privacy or criminal activities, and ensuring appropriate regulation is in place to steer technology towards the public good. But it also means recognising the wider social benefits from innovation and allowing them space to develop.”

Lagarde commissioned that

if she were to become the ECB president, her priorities would be commitment to the institution’s mandate and agility, inclusiveness and diversity. All while focusing on making sure that the institutions would promptly adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

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