No matter how life treats you, you have to face life with a smile.

Life comes and goes, we have to learn to face with a smile, every day of life, we have to try to live their own wonderful. Do not envy others, do not entangle regrets, do not complain about life.

No longer sad and angry for a little thing, no longer angry for some small people. Be sure to have a crisp, beautiful and calm share of life. Live a plain life, be at ease, be simple, and do something that will make you happy. Be hopeful about life, smile at difficulties and hardships, and dream, even if it is far away.

Always be hopeful about life, face difficulties and hardships with a smile. Read more and read better, eat less and eat better. Dream, even far away. The taste of life, even sweet and sour or bitter, but also rely on their own to taste.

To be a simple person, down-to-earth and pragmatic. Don't indulge in fantasy, don't bother others. To be happy, to be cheerful, to be tough, to be warm, to be sincere with people. Sincerity, calmness, generosity, tolerance and common sense should be emphasized. Always be hopeful about life, face difficulties and hardships with a smile. Read more and read better. Eat less, eat well.

Everyone plays the role of an actor, and the fate at birth will be different. For example, in school you play the role of students, in society you play the role of social youth, in the work you play the role of employees and so on. Keep a smiling face to every day of life, maintain a good working attitude, face difficulties to try, not to escape, positive and optimistic.

Yes, if you have a smile, you will have an everlasting childlike heart; if you want to have life, you should face it with a smile, if you are a person who can not smile, you will pass by with colorful life. Face life with a smile, life can give you happiness.

Life will not be pitied for your cowardice. No matter how difficult it is, learn to face life with a smile, and life will also face you with a smile. Come on

Life is short. No matter where you are and what kind of life you are facing, happiness is the most important thing. Face life with a smile.

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