Why Strategy is Vital for the Growth and Success of any Business


Growing a business can be very challenging especially in this present times where the level of competition has multiplied. Now, it is all about the survival of the fittest as any business that cannot stand out would most likely be taken out by the fierce competition. Competition can be a good thing for businesses especially for the customers, even though businesses don’t like competition and would much rather prefer monopoly… however, healthy competition had proven to be a great way for businesses to stay at the top of their game, improve and become better.

When it comes to beating and staying ahead of the competition, strategy is vital. Yes, that is right… strategy is key as far as growing a business into a successful business is concerned. Before we move further, what exactly is strategy in business? … Strategy is basically a clear set of actions and plans utilized by any business to achieve its set goals and objectives. In business, there are various strategies that have proven to be very effective in helping a business achieve its goals and long term success. Some of the strategies that has proven to be effective in business are structuralist strategy, growth strategy, cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, price-skimming strategy, acquisition strategy, focus strategy… you can already see that there are quite a number of strategies that a business can utilize to stay on top of its competitors.

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While there are a number of strategies that have proven to be effective to help businesses increase sales and achieve success, it is also important to know that not all strategies will be effective for all businesses. That is why as a business owner, it is important to study the different strategies and experiment to choose and focus on the right strategy for your business. Without focusing on the right strategy, it would be difficult for any business to stand out from the rest of the competitors, especially when the competition is high. Strategy helps a business set out clear plan that helps it achieve its goal.

Strategy is utilized in almost every aspect of any business… in marketing, there are strategies utilized in marketing known as marketing strategy, in branding, there is also strategy known as branding strategy, in sales, we have sales strategy, we also have brand strategy etc – strategy can be utilized in almost every aspect of a business which is very important. In the next post, I will be going more indepth into the different business strategies that I have listed above and how it is vital for the growth and success of any business



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Good post sometimes we do not find the specific and effective strategies to maintain a business and we are erratic, as you say it is important to be clear about what you want and how to achieve it, thanks.

10.04.2021 13:45

So true, sometimes business owners fail to utilize the most effective strategy to achieve the desired goals

10.04.2021 19:08