Useful and Affordable Tools and How Small Business Owners Can Utilize Them for Better Presentation Videos Using Smartphones

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Running a small business can be really challenging and small business owners know how tricky and difficult it is to grow a small business into a successful business. One of the major challenges that face small business owners is lack of funds and resources to help them build their small business and grow their small business to the next level. A lot of small business owners are face with this challenge hence why they are constantly looking for ways to cut down their cost when it comes to spending, instead channel that money into more pressing needs of the business.

Like I have talked about in previous posts, smartphones have become so advanced that they have become companion and powerful tool for small business owners. I’ve talked about how small business owners can utilize the feature-rich capabilities of smartphone cameras to shoot high quality and high resolution photos and videos of their products for use on social media. I’ve also talked about how small business owners can effectively utilize useful and powerful smartphone applications for their business and more. In this post, I will be talking about some very useful and affordable tools and how small business owners can utilize them for better video presentation using their smartphones.

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Smartphone Tripod – This is a very useful tool when it comes to creating video contents. A shaky video can make a video look very amateurish and unprofessional coupled that with the limitations of smartphone cameras, then there is a big possibility of the video looking unprofessional. Using a tripod to steady the shot adds to the professionalism of the video, with utilized with other tools, it can make your video look really professional and of high quality. Remember, your videos don’t have to be the best of the best, it just have to be good enough and effective in terms of the quality of the video and the video content is self., then there is a huge chance of success.

Ring Light – This is an amazing tool for lighting the face of the subject evenly. Ring lights are great for creating presentation videos about their business or sharing valuable information - as a small business owners, it is great for recording yourself talking about your small business using a smartphone. Video contents like this are great for sharing on social media platforms like youtube, Instagram, facebook, tik tok, twitter etc. This kind of contents helps build trust in the minds of your target customers and also helps in the marketing of your business. Videos have proven to be one of the effective strategies for conversion - when target customers watch video contents like this where you talk about your business or give value to people through video contents, it helps build that much-needed know, like and trust factor which in turn leads to more conversations and sales.



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You nicely shared about these useful and affordable tools that the small business owners can use for better video presentation through their smartphone. we are going digital and in this digital world it's very important to have an effective video presentation so to have it ready these tools are quite helpful and you nicely explain how it can help these small businesses to make the most out of it. it's not always necessary to have highly expensive resources and sometimes even low priced resources can make a big difference.

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13.03.2021 09:03