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Blockchain is evolving, and many enterprises want to jump on board. But there’s a problem: there’s not enough information to assist people in going digital. The digital world of cryptocurrency is a tightlipped one where the truth is hidden, and lies are spread around for selfish reasons. This has rocked the blockchain ship badly with many afraid of its seemingly murky waters.

The guy who created Binaancee, an exchange platform on blockchain claimed he sold his house to invest in cryptocurrency. When this broke out on social media, it felt like a feel-good story and created frenzy about the future of digital assets.

Few asked questions about the access to information which the CEO had. Not many are privy to such, and this has left many investors nursing losses dues to wrong choices they made by gulping fallacious reviews hook, line and sinker.

To ensure accurate information is disseminated correctly, platforms like Billcrypt exist. It’s no longer news that there is so much that is reposed in the blockchain technology. The transparency of the digital ledger has been agreed as second to none, Billcrypt is using that in ensuring accurate information is spread regarding activities everyday activities.
One of the ways through which Billcrypt intends to make a difference is by building an elite blockchain representation office where users can access accurate information regarding their favorite project without having to worry about the regurgitating such just to confirm the authenticity.


Financing has rendered a lot of startups irrelevant, and Billcrypt intends to avoid going down that lane with the possibility of getting adequate compensation for information accessed on its platforms. Users will be required to purchase the platform’s token and transact with same.

The Billcrypt platform could also help with improving the acceptability of the blockchain and cryptocurrency by its planned integration of offline business and the like with the distributed ledger. There’s a lot of promise if this move goes beyond the written word phase.


Knowledge is power, and Zhao can attest to that with his investment move in bitcoins and becoming the CEO of Binance. The road to making a quality investment is bound to be a treacherous road without information and Billcrypt could be the Binance of information if users key into their plans.


Billcrypt doesn’t plan on running a dictatorial show with its information hub as its planned to be a decentralized arrangement where anyone can upload valuable information. While it’s expected to be something close to a community effort, the platform would still verify and veto the information before users can access it.
Billcrypt is dedicated to ensuring the information uploaded are within the fingertips of users as the blockchain platform intends to go through a user-friendly interface. Everyone would be able to frequent the platform and check out the information they need.

Final Thoughts
Billcrypt has the feel of a budding platform with a lot of potentials to help investors in their hunt for the next bitcoin. Whether Billcrypt survives the tunnel phase is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, it comes out even stronger from the challenges ahead as fake news will fight back.

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