Steeming Community Weekly Contest: "Dear Steemit" | Starts of Week #04 by @chiabertrand

Dearest steemit,


It's me your nice, humble, commited and very active friend @chiabertrand .I greet you and hope you are doing perfectly well ,I guest yes because I'm seeing what you are doing and changing people's life out there .it's been about a week we haven't spoken to each other that is why I decided to write a dedicated letter to you my dearest and God send steemit .

My God send steemit I will start by asking you why you haven't been visiting me all this while despite my huge improvement since I joined you ,you haven't been visiting and upvoting my content for sometime now despite the active nature and how commited I am to you ,again I have even improved greatly in my content in a way I have even been winning alot of contest prices all this days .so I'm proud as you have taught me as it says "learning never ends ' because after graduating from the University I thought I had learned everything I needed to learn in my life not knowing I still had little knowledge .

One of my closed friend who alway complain of my sudden changed of altitude also finally joined me last time when showed him how steemit had changed my life

My dearest and God send steemit ,do you also know you have made my life change In almost all aspect positively, why do I tell you this? I tell you this because alot of friends have been complaining resently that I no longer go to the bar oftenly with them ,that I no longer visit them mostly ,that I no longer reply to thier messages oftenly on social media ,again that why do I spend most of my time with you .Do you know how I usually answer to thier questions my dearest steemit? ,I always tell them that you are a God send person to me who have come and showed me where my future belongs ,I also tell them it's only in you my future rely upon now ,I tell to them again that you have made my life change within a twinkle of an eye .

Me teaching the people about morals and how to be become a good steemian

When I tell them all this guest their next question my dearest and God send steemit? They will ask me how you have changed my life positively and I will show to them enough proofs and evedence fisrt by showing to them my account balance and my past transaction then with the money I now have in my pocket .they will say "woow" and ask me how I do in other for you to reward me with such huge amount of money and I will tell them ,but most of them will now be giving lazy complains that I they don't have a Good phone while some will say they have alot to do and can't give you all that time .

I thank God for some who will make out time and I will introduce them to you ,right now I have brought to you 5 five people despite me Joining you just last month and I still have pending people on my list to Introduce them to you in the upcoming days .

Again my dearest and God send steemit ,I want to ask you this ; despite all this my efforts and commitments plus my nice write up you haven't visited me again for sometime my dearest God send steemit .I have been winning alot of Contests this weeks and I have even posted almost 350 posts despite Joining just last month .I know you will hear my cry and answer me because I know God send you to come and rescue me ,you had already started and I know you won't end as we have sign an everlasting partnership and I promise to always be with you no no matter what comes out way and I will also tell the world who you are and the wanderful things you have done not only in my life but in the lifes of many people across the world.

I feel your love in the most natural way
I feel your love that is mine
The passion that I can see in your eyes
Gives me a reason to survive
When I am with you I am in some another world
When I am with you, I feel that hold
Things cannot get better coz you are with me
With you I have life's every glee
My dearest steemit I just want to say
That I so love you and will love you till the end of have changed my life and I will never be shy to talk about you anywhere I go for I will bring you more and more souls to also change thier stories as mine. I wait to hear from you as soon as you receive this kind words of mine

I will end here by inviting @noelamontanna ,@yeesja , @darrellbass ,@theobass and @chiskingsley to come and participate in this Contest

Not also forgetting to thank @fabio2614 for organizing this marvelous Contest

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Steemit has done a wonderful job for you chiabertrand. About your friends, invite them all to steemit. Bring them into active posting and let your bonding continues🙂

Your entry to week#04 contest has been approved. Your participation is highly appreciated. I wish you good luck!

28.05.2021 23:26

Thanks for approving my entry @fabio2614

29.05.2021 04:51

Hello @chiabertrand, I am Alejandro, alias @psicoparedes. I just pass by to tell you that I have curated your post using Steemingcuration account. Keep up with the good work 😊

29.05.2021 04:37

Woo thanks alot I do appreciate and I will always do my good work perfectly

29.05.2021 04:53