Achievement 5 Task 2 by @cherub27 : Review of



Hello everyone, here my take on the user-friendly Steem blockchain explorer know as Steemscan developed by @roadfrich and @futureshock

Steemscan is the most ergonomic and beautifully designed blockchain explorer. It integrates everything you need and >want to look for in the Steem blockchain. Beside the list of all the transactions and blocks up to now it also integrates >special features such as the helping hand for new developers on the Steem blockchain, the list of witnesses and Dapps.

The current steem price as at 7:48pm 2/23/2021 GMT is $0.33 with a 24-hour trading volume of $34,498,684 USD. Steem is down 25.66% in the last 24 hours.


Latest Transaction

This tab shows the latest activities of steem users as they have taken place on the steem blockchain including Voting, comments, etc. This feature has characters tabulated under various titles such as: Block ID, ID, Sender, Receiver


Latest Block



DApps shows a collection of various specialized steem extension apps that allow steem users to find what interests them in the shortest possible time. The various gaming, utility, social , finance and health platforms can be accessed here.
Amongst these apps are Steem Auto, SteemWorld and Dtube.


Quick Convert

quick convert.JPG

Quick Convert provides fast conversion possibility. As seen in the image above, you enter the steem amount you want to convert and then you select the currency you want to convert.

Conversion of Steem to USDT attracts a fee of 1.06420153 USDT
Conversion to BTC attracts a fee of 0.00050142 BTC
Conversion to TRX attracts a fee of 1.50292158 TRX.

Once you have entered the Steem amount you wish to convert and selected the currency of your choice, a menu from Steem will appear for you to enter your active key to validate the transaction.

Search Feature

It aids in looking for Transactions, Blocks and Account info by the use of Transacton ID.

Additional parameters such as transaction type, transfer account, receiver account and their dates are provided in this feature in order to make searches more efficient and specific.


To the attention of @cryptokannon. Thank you for your attention.

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