Here on both sides of my cheeks lies a thousand marks that I made.
Each signifying my low self cure for depression
When I was so low, I did crush myself with a blade
To punish my body for being a mess,
Though here is my testament, I must confess...

That seeing these scars left on my face,
How miserably I was in the height of the gruesome bully experience
It makes me realize I was in a place of no rest;
I feel guilty inside for leaving this token.
Now I will see and remember that I was so broken.

But seeing these scars helps me see,
That I survived so much trauma and now I am free.
I am free from people perceptions
Free from the world definition of beauty
Free from my hideous past
I am my own kind of beauty.
Flawless? Absolutely not
But i'm the first of his kind, the shadow behind God smiles
Exact imprint of his image, the pleroma, the perfect body that God dwells

So I ask you now to stand with me and fight,
To show all these persisting demons what they're doing is not right.
Thousands await this our inner strength
Depression is no respecter of age or class,
Look beyond their fake smiles and their weak "all is well"

We can win this battle of good versus bad.
I am still alive and no longer sad.
Here on my face lies marks of survival.
I got through the hate and beat my self-rival.
join me and let share this experience with the depressed
The ones who sees self destruction as the easiest way out to their imaginary weakness.
With your comforting we can deliver them from this living hell


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