True Happiness is Not About Possessing… But About Understanding!

Hi, fellow Steemians!

What is life, but the pursuit of everlasting happiness and grace?

What is life, but an unpredictable journey towards fulfillment and salvation?

People chase after happiness all their lives.

Fulfilling their goals, gaining riches, finding a person to fall in love with, building a home, traveling around the world and seeing different places…

But true happiness starts from within.

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We inhabit two worlds at the same time; one is the outside world and the other is the world inside ourselves.

The world of our mind, where every thought has a place to exist, where every image or picture is a painting to be pondered on, and where we incessantly examine ourselves and the outside world.

A lot of people mistake the feats of the outside world for true happiness and contentment, when in truth you should be searching for these concepts in yourself.

Gaining riches is a noble pursuit, and a necessity for living in the social landscape. But also, you should understand that it is not going to bring you happiness.

Yes, it might bring you comfort of different varieties and levels, but it is never going to satiate your ever-seeking soul.

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True happiness is about the quality of your thoughts. Are you always imagining the divine infinity of the world in which you live, or are you thinking about possessing different things?

One way or another, we are all going to realize that possessing things (riches, people, etc.) is not going to bring us lasting happiness.

What can give you satisfaction is knowledge and understanding.

Understanding the world in a way that makes you grateful of your own existence. Even when it comes to more corporeal things, it all starts in your mind.

Without realizing the true depth and importance of peace, harmony, friendship, and love, you can never really experience any of them or understand their significance.

So… it is safe to assume that it all starts within the boundaries of your inner world.

Then, every concept you have ever known somehow manifests itself in the real world.

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It must come as no surprise that the manifestation of these concepts is important, and the quality of your thought ultimately determines how much satisfaction they give you.

If you want peace in your life, it should begin in your mind.

If you want happiness in your life, it should begin in your mind.

If you want gratitude and contentment, it should begin in your mind.

Ultimately… it is all just about the quality of your thoughts!



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17.07.2019 09:21

Very nice and informative post! I wish they teach us this in school from very young age. We could be living in completely different and better world!

17.07.2019 09:26

That was indeed an amazing subject you bought into limelight. Yes, I agree that whatever you want begin it from your inside. Everything is in mind. Thought makes us, as we make thought.
Keep inspiring @chbartist!

17.07.2019 09:39

Happiness is a choice.
You will obviously get more of whatever feeling you give your time energy and focus to. It's all in the mind... Make "being happy " a deliberate choice and feeling and more of the happiness you will get

Posted using Partiko Android

17.07.2019 09:55

To explain symmetry of life it is too necessary to play yourself, I mean instead of depending others, check yourself weather you are or not, if not then try to make it yes. The people who understanding the life in well manner, they don't come with a huge knowledge in this world. They willing themselves to prepare for facing most intellectual situations who taught them a lot

Posted using Partiko Android

17.07.2019 10:30

Greetings @chbartist is something quite difficult to achieve, possibly the lack of wisdom on these topics and the lack of desire to learn them influences quite a lot, perhaps being happy is very easy and therefore we can not understand...

17.07.2019 10:48

Happiness outcome through understanding and satisfied a good way.

Posted using Partiko Android

17.07.2019 10:54

I would also add it is about the experiences we are able to have for ourselves and those around us that we appreciate! It provides purpose for the things we do, including the struggles through adversity.

Posted using Partiko iOS

17.07.2019 10:58

For me, true happiness comes from being able to put a smile on somebody's else face.
The joy I get when I am able to help someone out when in need, is indescribable.
I get a sense of fulfilment, joy unspeakable and and a feeling of accomplishment.

Posted using Partiko Android

17.07.2019 11:35

We come to the world with nothing, and we leave the world with nothing.
And from birth to death we worry about material things. Saludos @chbartist

17.07.2019 11:55

What we have in our mind we must externalize them and in that way we can achieve that which we long for, if we only leave it in our thoughts and do not do anything to materialize it, it will be just that ... thoughts nothing more.

17.07.2019 14:05

Saludos @chbartist

Nuestro mundo interior promovera construir un exterior más expontaneo, agradable a nuestra esencia espiritual, valirando cosas sencillas, evitando los excesos del exterior que muchas veces enferman el ser.

Excelente publicación, gracias por compartir tus conocimientos

17.07.2019 16:35

There's a reason that The Pursuit of Happiness is worded the way it is in the United States Declaration of Independence. It's not about going after what makes you happy, per se. It's about doing what fosters and upholds your all around well-being. The 'happiness' essentially being living in ultimate freedom and keeping worries to a minimum. Which, yes, is a mindset. It starts from within. You'll never find true, sustainable happiness from an external source until you find and sustain it within yourself.


18.07.2019 01:35

la felicidad es parte de un camino debemos aprender a transitarlo para que despues no sea tan tarde y pensar que pude lograrlo asi opinarias pero se fuerte y activo, optimistay constante y muchas cosas se daran.

19.07.2019 06:38

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24.07.2019 09:02