Running on the Treadmill of Life and Freedom from Anxiety!

Hi, Steemians!

Over time, we have grown to understand that high standards for living do not necessarily result in happiness and contentment for the population.

In this post-modern age, what one witnesses is that most people are not happy.

They are usually anxious, not satisfied, not happy, and generally hopeless about what the future might bring for them.

And so, the question is asked; what is our problem?

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Yes, there are many mental disorders that can affect your health in more ways than anyone could ever be able to count.

Pressure often makes people snap and do things that they otherwise would not.

But there is another important reason for our assimilated unhappiness, and that is what we know as the treadmill of life!

You see, life in the modern age is complex.

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People cannot be certain about their future, nor about their past and memories.

Right and wrong, shallow and subtle, difficult and easy, powerful and weak, and all these other parallels have been undermined by the sheer complexity of our modern society.

It is not an easy thing to keep up with everything that is happening in our world.

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities, but each opportunity represents a set of different complications that you have to deal with.

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Imagine a husband and a father of two children in the modern world. The man works two jobs to provide for his family.

He has to raise and educate his children, or at least spend some time with them.

The man is also looking for improvement and progress, because he wants a better future for his children.

There are many opportunities, but each of them presents him with their own complexities and difficulties. Is this man living the ideal life? Is there any happiness for him?

No, for a person like that, life is a treadmill filled with status anxiety. He is always running. He is making progress. He is getting results.

But is he happy?

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Here is an idea for those of you who are now terrified of what society might have in store for them:

You do not necessarily have to work yourself into the ground in order to achieve success.
Do clever work.

Be smart. Find the shortcuts. Increase your talents and competence and raise your level of efficiency.

Life doesn’t have to a treadmill.

Life could be a painting, with all its beauty and magnificence ready to be experienced and discovered…



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loving the power of living in the now..

Many tend to live in the past because it offers a predictable outcome. Future thinking tends to be too much effort and uncertainty.... until we understand how many things are working for us in the now. This grounding allows for our energy field to attract similar future moments... as long as we improve the quality of the current minute we are now in... thanks for the post...~Ahmad

18.07.2019 15:09

Article on steemit after a long time @chbartist...
Actually you are 100% right. Most of the peoples are not happy and one main reason behind it is future expectations. Someone who have achieved his goal, is not satisfied what he have. He wants another one.

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18.07.2019 15:13

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18.07.2019 15:21

I think the idea of constantly seeking happiness can be a race of many kilometres and obstacles. Every day we are bombarded by ideas of permanent happiness through networks. Thousands of people upload photos eating among friends, visiting beautiful spaces, eating great delicacies. Many of us have bought this false idea of happiness. We must share our photos of happiness because otherwise we are not happy. In the end it is the vanity of happiness! As a phrase goes: when we are happy, sometimes we don't have time to take the picture with the cell phone, but with the mind, where they will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing.

18.07.2019 15:26

We live so accelerated and run over by the modern that if we do not pause and prioritize what is important in our life, we will have problems in the future, if we work hard our health and our family is in danger, if we spend in everything that is put before our eyes , we will have a deficit later.

Therefore we must devote time to prioritize, greetings

18.07.2019 16:22

Another great topic would be treadmill speed anxiety

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18.07.2019 18:40

I guess hardwork could be successful by smartwork. Anxiety kills human's confidence. so we should live life positively.
Keep flourishing.

18.07.2019 18:49

Hi friend @ chbartis, the problem of many in life to live in an accelerated way. We have happiness close by. To come to the conclusion is that we do not love each other, it costs us to cool some situations. Let's read more than not complicate. A hug from a distance and grateful for all these publications that help us grow in spirit and truth

18.07.2019 18:52

Live life without worries.
Once you realize that there will be challenges, obstacles and tough times at some point in our daily existence, then what's the use worrying about it?

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19.07.2019 08:18

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21.07.2019 06:56

When the day is hot, can drink a cup of cold drink, this is happiness;

Want to shit, don't queue up, this is happiness;

Happiness is a state of mind.

21.07.2019 11:26

Thanks for the post.

23.07.2019 15:35

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25.07.2019 15:01