How to Know Yourself Better and Seek Self-Improvement Like Never Before… Part #2

Hi, Steemians!

Being conscious about improving yourself every day is the most effective mindset of successful people.

In our previous article, we listed some of the most important aspects of self-improvement, utilizing which could give you the strength to face against the ever-growing challenges of life.

Through the second part of our blog post, we will discuss several other ideas regarding the issue of self-betterment.

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1. Don’t Forget Your Sense of Responsibility

It can be difficult to play the responsible card most of the times.

We may have been impacted positively or negatively when members of our team face a failure or triumph over hardships.

For instance, if you run a team of customer service in a healthcare center, customers might approach you, and start complaining that they are being treated poorly.

Instead of trying to discipline the team, you may want to consider speaking to each representative one-on-one to seek out a way to match their innate needs with missions and purposes.

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2. Learn from Your Mistakes!

To move forward in life, you must learn from your mistakes.

Let’s pause for a minute and think we live in a world without any kind of mistakes.

This idea must seem intriguing at first, but as you go deeper, you may want to rethink that stance.

In a world without mistakes, where everyone is at their best, people will have a tendency to become socially inept. Once you are the master of your own life, there will be no talking to others.

You will not ask for any kind of advice, and that is what will lead people to isolation.

Feel free to make mistakes as you move forward in life and learn from them afterwards, for they will in time prove to be powerful weapons to fight against the dark times that the future heralds.

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3. Stay Strong

Everyone is tempted to give up, at some point in their lives. One might turn around and flee, while the other stays committed and moves forward by any means.

It is fascinating that both may travel the same distance, but one will succeed while the other fails. It is crucial to stay committed while perusing your goals.

This is the most important thing to remember: So long as you try to stay strong, you will not fail.



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21.07.2019 13:21

I have been absent from steemit for quite sometime. Always enjoyed your blog posts. You still write with purpose and I want to pause and say thank you.

I resteemed this post as it makes it easier to check back on your posts as well as spread a good message.

Again, Thanks

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21.07.2019 13:35

Nice salutations here you are sharing sir how can I improve.

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21.07.2019 15:08

Hi @chbartist

Did you consider using "palnet" tag? I realized that this tag is currently enjoying really solid traffic of people from this community.


21.07.2019 16:17

Mate, i found your blog because a mate wrotes abour you had an amazing blog and when i read your tittles i knowed your kind of content and we're connected, will love if you read my gratitude challengue, it's amazing to see people like you here, i suggest you to use the #INT tag, it's a comunity of intrepeneurs and you're one, bless, greetins from Venezuela.

22.07.2019 02:40

Hola @chbartist, primero que nada para lograr seguir o implementar una superación personal, debemos analizarnos y estar dispuestos aceptar el cambio que vamos a generar, el contacto directo uno a uno me parece bastante bueno, ya que genera un sentimiento íntimo del equipo; ver los errores desde la perspectiva del aprendizaje y no como algo malo; el compromiso mientras avanzamos siempre nos hará más fuertes; mil gracias por estos consejos…

Hello @chbartist, first of all to achieve follow or implement a personal improvement, we must analyze ourselves and be willing to accept the change we are going to generate, the direct contact one by one seems to me quite good, because it generates an intimate feeling of the team, see the errors from the perspective of learning and not as something bad, the commitment as we move forward will always make us stronger, thank you very much for these tips...

22.07.2019 20:24

Siempre tienes palabras adecuadas de motivación. Saludos Bro! y Gracias por compartir!

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24.07.2019 09:00

Nice solution.
More info ways to relieve anxiety.

24.07.2019 10:16

Excelentes consejos de vida amigo

26.07.2019 03:41