How to Develop a Perspective of Your Future Self and Use it in Times of Need?

Hi, Steemians!

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about the importance of having a perspective and how it will help you in times of need.

When you have a perspective for your future, it will become much easier to not give up or do something reckless and stupid, the consequences of which could haunt you for years to come.

Many of you asked, ‘Well, how can we develop such perspective?’

In today’s article, I will answer this question.

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Developing a perspective does not have a strict guideline.

Everyone does it in their own way.

If I were to explain mine, you would understand the point more clearly.

Every time I feel down or contemplate doing something that would be detrimental to my physical or mental health, I think about my future self.

The future self that is looking at me five years from now. That person is not fully shaped at the moment.

He is pale and ambiguous. What I decide to do in that particular moment lends some shape and form to my future self.

That form could either be something that I am proud of or something that I hate or despise.

With this perspective, I avoid doing something that I know to be wrong.

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Decision after decision, and day after day, that image becomes clearer and the ambiguity fades away.

Eventually, five years pass and I become the very person that I had once envisioned, but couldn’t see clearly.

How that person is shaped is all about the decisions that I have made during these 5 years.

This is what I would know as having a perspective for your future self. With it, you can avoid folly whenever it comes your way.

As you may have already realized… different people have different versions of this perspective.

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Throughout the life of this blog, we have talked about the importance of mindfulness regarding concepts that should come to our aid in times of need.

Your perspective for the future is one of these concepts and you should be mindful and conscious when it comes to making important decisions.

Remember: Whenever you wanted to give up or felt like doing something that you know is wrong, think about your future-self waiting five years down the road.

Your decision will ultimately give him shape!



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19.07.2019 09:21

Very nice post, thank you.
I think our thoughts have a lot to do with perspective. They run through our head like a river and we are not always good at filtering to see the good ones. Remembering that our thoughts are not the facts will often make our life’s easier, well at least for me anyway 😉👍

19.07.2019 09:36

Great read, thanks for your posts they provide me with guidance and a little bit of clarity through the fog that is my life at times.

19.07.2019 09:36

Good article nice salutations.

Posted using Partiko Android

19.07.2019 10:11

This is an important aspect as it is difficult to achieve goals over time but very easy to lose their benefits if not fostered and maintained. This happens in many aspects of life; for example, I struggle with my weight and often find myself sacrificing months of commitment for a week of cheatingnon my diet!

Posted using Partiko iOS

19.07.2019 10:45

I thought it was very interesting that strategy to take that time to get an idea of ​​what life's perspective would be like. It is great to be able to read these suggestions in these somewhat different moments in the rhythm of life. Thanks @chbartist.

19.07.2019 12:08

undoubtedly the decisions we make in the present will affect our future, that is why decisions should not be made lightly, as they could bring us a future that is not pleasant. Every decision we make must take into account its possible consequences, whether they are positive consequences or negative consequences.

19.07.2019 12:58

Greetings @chbartist

The perspective is the point where we are located to observe an object; in the sense of life, if the perspective we apply to situations is posed from a positive mentality, regardless of the level of complexity of the process to be fulfilled, it will be executed satisfactorily.

The opposite if we maintain a detrimental attitude, in this sense our perspective of things will be negative, which will not allow us to comply with the objectives, for that reason we should always have a positive attitude of life.

To maintain a positive attitude in life we ​​must improve our condition of life, both internal and external; internally, we must change negative thoughts for positives, this through study and reading; to change our external condition, we must move away from people and toxic situations, instead we must approach positive people who contribute values ​​that stimulate our personal growth; For its part, Steemit is an excellent place to get good people capable of guiding us along the path of success, this being one of the benefits of the platform.

19.07.2019 23:56

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22.07.2019 02:54

The key is not to give up but taking a step at a time. Just as what Admiral William H. McRaven mentioned in his book, start by making your bed, at least you have achieved a task in a day. Start by making small improvement and at the end of 5 years, we will be better than what we are today.

22.07.2019 12:19

Wao, excelente siempre he dicho que para tener perspectivas debemos tener variedades de pensamientos . Es así como tener diferentes puntos de vista . Éxitos amigo !!

23.07.2019 11:21

Thanks for the post.

24.07.2019 11:07

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26.07.2019 09:02