How Do We Find Meaning in Suffering and How Does That Change Our Life?

Hi, Steemians!

One of the greatest accomplishments in the lifetime of man is when they accept the curdled cruelty of fate and chance.

Embracing the idea that bliss and misfortune are intertwined in an endless battle that rages across all our lives is one of the few things that every grownup is supposed to do.

Bliss is easy to enjoy and hard to be conscious about, whereas misfortune and suffering always leave their mark.

How should we approach the idea of suffering?

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The fact that bad things happen or even might happen to you every day is as unnerving as it is startling.

People see misfortune as something that should inherently get our resentment; we hate misfortune and treat it as the most loathsome thing that could befall us.

But wary people who have a much more profound understanding of the world believe something else.

There is meaning in suffering, and through that meaning, you will find consolation for everything you have gone through or lost.

But what exactly is that meaning?

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The meaning of suffering is supposed to be something poignant; something that can be felt, but never told or explained.

Yet, here we are, dissecting what we know about the depth of our misery in a world that fuels our hatred towards any hardship, difficulty or challenge.

You can understand the meaning of suffering, but you cannot quite put your finger on it.

Because everyone deals with their own demons, and our lives are inevitably all complicated in their own way.

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Finding meaning in suffering is about embracing the possibility that our misery is not for nothing.

That, perhaps, the ones who have come before us have also gone through all these dilemmas and survived, because they believed in themselves and the people around them.

That, perhaps, contempt is not the way to approach misery. Rather, we should accept what we are given and try to find a solution for our problems.

That, perhaps, at the end of the day, it is not going to be all for nothing.

Our suffering is a path to greatness, and a lot of people miss the opportunity to understand this.

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When you see meaning in your suffering, everything will be much easier to bear.

There are people who deny the existence of pain and suffering, but eventually, they are going to have to face those demons.

On the other hand…

People who accept suffering and understand that it might be a path to greatness can bear almost anything and achieve everything they want!



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16.07.2019 15:21

You always give us useful information about life. Good content.... Thanks 😘😘😘

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16.07.2019 15:48

I've only been reading your posts for a day but they have proven very insightful and are helping me deal with a situation similar to that which this article alludes to. Every day has been a struggle for some time now, it feels like it gets a bit easier and then it seems to build up again, I think that the weight is slowly getting lighter to bear but I feel I have a ways to go yet. Thank you for your words though, they provide a beacon of hope that things can work out for the better in the end.

Posted using Partiko Android

16.07.2019 21:37

Hello @chbartist, if it is true it is supposed that as adults we should be prepared for many things; a deeper understanding... that is achieved with a combination of education and preparation and that rarely put into practice.

16.07.2019 22:00

Greetings @chbartist... Not only do we have to face these demons, we have to accept that they are part of us.

17.07.2019 00:21

As they often say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”. We learn and adapt for our futures which is key!

Posted using Partiko iOS

17.07.2019 02:27

I think sir sufferer sure a great success achiever .

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17.07.2019 11:20

Siempre debemos estar dispuestos a la batalla derrotemos esos demonios las dificultades y los problemas estan a la vuelta de la esquina pero debemos afrontarlos y sera mas facil vencerlos dandoles la cara sin temor.

19.07.2019 06:15

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