Forsaken, But Never Forgotten… Remembering Our Dreams from the Years of Yore...

Hello, dear friends!

Coming to terms with the complexity of this modern society is something that takes its toll on all of us.

People might be pushed to forsake their dreams in the hope of taking care of their family members or close friends.

Some even give up because the probabilities of realizing their vision is low and unpredictable.

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While some people might feel lost from time to time out of the sheer depth of the emotional weight that they carry in their lives, there are others who lose their identity to the raging storm of fear and doubt.

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to admit it or not, because it is an undeniable truth that dreams are a massive part of our lives.

Without dreams or hope of a better future, we are nothing.

I want to dedicate this post to remind you of all the dreams that you once may have had…
dreams that lit a small corner of your heart for an estimable amount of time.

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Because here is a truth my friends; dreams may be forsaken, but they are never forgotten.

Preaching is never fun, but advising other people on things that they need help with is always admirable.

Here, I don’t want to do either of those things. Instead, I want to talk about you for a second.

You… the person who has experienced this life with all its comings and goings.

The person who has undergone moments of triumph and defeat, and moments of delight or heartbreak.

The person who is already doing their best to be a decent human being and help other people in any way they can.

The person who may have had to forsake their dreams at some point in their lives and sacrifice their own happiness for other people.

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The presupposition is that when you take a look at the world, you are going to realize that justice and equity is usually trampled on.

But I believe that you are the only person who is capable of bringing justice to your own life and to the life of those who are dear to you.

What do I mean by that? Well, consider all your dreams. Consider the lengths you would go to in order to realize those dreams and higher visions…

The next step is simple:
You must actually go to those lengths and try to realize those dreams…

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Life may have written you to a small corner where your eventual death is waiting upon your arrival, but that doesn’t have to be your faith.

You have forsaken your dreams, but you have not forgotten them. Trust in yourself. Trust in the chances that are given to you. Trust in the time that is bestowed on you.

There will come a moment when you are going to have to remember those dreams and be brave enough to go after them once again…

Do everything within your power to not fail in that moment of truth!



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Great post! I like the perspective you take. I think all of us at the end if the day are just trying to be happy, productive and free human beings.

16.07.2019 03:05

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Trust self them really achieve success.

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Nothing to say!

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Very interesting post.

19.07.2019 06:39

I personally abandoned my dreams to pursue my first degree, now I have it and I feels like I arrived at the chase late, I feel age is not really on my side... I am 28 years of age with no source of income at the moment and no relationship either. I've been searching for my life purpose and somehow I found myself on steemit... I've always wanted to impact lives and uplift people with words of encouragement and a toons to back it up. I hope to make the most of this platform, but I'll need some support, so if you can see this post, like and follow me because it's about to get real... This is all about LIFE, I'm all about Life.

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Thanks for the post.

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