Everyone and Everything in the World is to Blame, But Us…

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Misery builds up contempt, and resentment leads to suffering. A society built on misery, contempt, and resentment is doomed to diminish from the pages of history.

In today’s article, I want to talk about a certain type of mentality that rejects logical
assessment as a means to cower behind shame, guilt, and suffering simply to rebel against the idea of society and its hierarchical structure.

After all, any hierarchical structure requires its members to compete in difficult circumstances and not everyone is prepared for a challenge such as that.

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It all started when you were a little child, walking paisley down the street and playing with your other friends from the neighborhood.

The world offered you a truth; that in order to prevail and achieve anything of value in this world, you have to work hard.

You have to practice your competence and strength on a daily basis.

You have to encourage yourself to push out of your comfort zone and overcome new challenges or obstacles.

Some of us refused that truth.

And for that, our lives are in shambles, with no way of escaping the darkness that is engulfing our moments.

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There is a part in T.S. Eliot’s play called the Cocktail Party, in which one of the characters is explaining her mental process to a psychiatrist.

The woman hopes that what is wrong in her life is her own fault. The psychiatrist asks why, and the woman simply claims, ‘That way, I have a chance of making it right.’

When things are wrong in your life, you can either blame everyone else, including but not restricted to; the world, your family, your society, your religion, the cruel hierarchy, etc.

Or you can take responsibility for your own thoughts, words, and actions.

You could accept the truth that you are where you are as a direct result of your choices.

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Now, I know what you may think; a lot of people undergo tragedy in their lives and most of the times, it is not even their fault.

I can understand that. Hell, I can sympathize with it.

But for the majority of us, at least in some point of our lives, we have made mistakes and the blame for the misery of today solely rests on our shoulders.

No one is to blame for your life and your decisions.

Make better decisions and escape the hell that you are currently living in!



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19.07.2019 21:21

That is how we must take responsibility for our actions. It is something that I have very clear is the best to continue learning. Thanks for these teachings @chbartist

19.07.2019 23:06

Greetings @chbartist

With regard to the mistakes we make, their materialization can be generated by the influence of the environment, that is, we are making mistakes by the action of third parties, but in these cases the responsibility remains ours; in this sense we are the ones who must to make the decision to get away from the conflictive situations that we can not control.

Every action generates a reaction giving a consequence, recognizing this chain of events we must make the right decisions at the right time, otherwise we will have to assume the consequences.

20.07.2019 01:11

Being accountable for ones actions is the best way to learn from actions and adapt to improve results! We can only control so much...

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20.07.2019 02:39

Every thing here able but we got that through properly use knowledge every thing possible.

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