Do Not Allow Anything to Become Average or Mundane to You!

Hi, Steemians!

Perhaps nothing is as important as mindfulness if one hopes to build a strong character that can withstand the trial of life.

One of the greatest shortcomings of mankind as a species is our tendency to forget things or get used to situations and ideas.

We can even be negligent towards the things that we are passionate about, getting used to their brilliance in time and forgetting the value that made them so special to us in the first place

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What is one to do in a situation like this?

All things are fated to turn to dust in time, but before that, they experience their true death in our minds.

Have you ever had the delightful honor of watching a couple fall madly in love and start a relationship on love and respect? In time, they are going to grow together and eventually, they will live together.

Many of you have seen their sparks fade out and the fire of their passion doused by the wicked and resentful hand of time.

But what has really happened there?

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It’s rather simply, actually. Two people love each other, but when their love goes through the filter of time, their passion becomes average and mundane.

Why? Because it is the human nature to forget intricate details that are of importance and value to him.

Because we get used to things in time and they become mundane to us. This can happen to everyone and everything.

A person who loves nothing but painting can get bored with painting because after a while, it is not something you can be passionate about, but something that you HAVE to do because you’ve been doing it for so long.

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Letting things flow in their natural state is a trap. You should not fall for it.

Bring mindfulness to everything that is important to you. Do not let go of the details and the sensations that you feel about things you love.

We all have our moments of epiphany; for instance, you suddenly become so self-aware that you realize you love your parents more than anything in the world.

But how long does that moment of revelation last? How long does it take before your feelings become mundane again and you disregard them completely?

Now imagine how problematic this can be when it comes to dreams or goals that we are passionate about.

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What you need to do is constantly remind yourself of why you enjoy the things you enjoy or love the people, goals, or ideas that you love!

Without that reminder, we will become pale ghosts of our identity; the person who possesses all the love and the memories of everything he has experienced in this life.

Do now allow the things you are passionate about become mundane or average with the passage of time.

Fight for them and relive the excitement of falling in love with them again!



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@chbartist, welcome back man. It is a great pleasure to read your posts here. Cheers!

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15.07.2019 15:14

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15.07.2019 15:21

@chbartist very nice article, and keep up the good work. Long time I have not seen your post. Welcome back

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15.07.2019 15:41

Useful for us @chartist
Thanks. Good night 😘

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15.07.2019 17:13

@chbartist This post resonated very strongly with me. Many of the things that you have spoken about hit very close to my heart, you have left me with a lot to think about. What you point out is true and quite often it is a case of you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Once it has gone you are left with a hole in your heart but realise that your own complacency led to your loss. We must all be grateful for the people that we have in our lives because we never know when they will be gone from us.

15.07.2019 20:52

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17.07.2019 10:06

C’est un excellent point à reconnaître, car nous nous le faisons souvent lorsque nous aspirons à plus chaque fois que nous atteignons un niveau de réussite supérieur. Cependant, nous devenons souvent aussi une cible lorsque nous y arrivons.

17.07.2019 17:19

Never allow yourself, your emotions, your feelings, and how you view the world in your own way to stagnate. Don't let others nor current events drag you down or drain the positive aspects of yourself from you. Constantly keep yourself renewed and take breaks from what depletes you. Which also includes social media. Always seek renewal. Get out into nature for hours a day. Even if it's just watching the sky at the end of the day and watching sun set.


18.07.2019 01:23

Do you know what I fucking hate? Is when people use one eye as the profile pic for themselves. I fucking. Hate That.

18.07.2019 11:12

This man sees underlying societal issues and many cannot, i think it is a great representation of his contents

21.07.2019 06:28

Thank for this post

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18.07.2019 14:38

Thanks for the post.

20.07.2019 23:15

Any suggestions on finding our inner passions?

21.07.2019 06:30

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22.07.2019 15:02

This is a very good composition and a reminder of how things easily fades in our minds .

31.07.2019 17:49