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SL Charity Phase 01 Project Balangoda 2021/04/07 The first day of my life that brought tears to my eyes because of a little kids . About a month after joining Steemit, I was able to join a project like this because of the "steem Sri Lanka community".

We planned to do the "Balangoda Project" as the first project with donations from everyone. My sister @madumunasinghe and I undertook to do so. Accordingly, we were reminded that it would be good to help the children in a remote school.


Accordingly, we chose to assist R / Pinnagalakanda College. Pingala Kanda Vidyalaya is a college located in a remote village near the town of Balangoda in Sri Lanka with only 19 children. Pinnagalakanda village is an area where people still use spring water and make a living by plucking tea leaves.

After that, the first thing we did was to contact the principal of the college. When contacted, he said the school currently needs sports equipment and children need school equipment. Accordingly, we made a list of things that children need. Then we went to the shops and wrote down the prices of each item and made a quotation. It helped us manage our budget properly. The next day at about 10 a.m my sister and me went to town and bought everything we needed. It was about 7 pm when we got at home. Then we had dinner and the two of us packed up properly until about 1 is the next day.


We woke up again at around 4 am and left home at 5.30 am to go to Pinnagalakanda College. The journey to Pinnagalakanda village through the tea estates and hills is very beautiful. We went to school around 9.30 am. We went to the school and first discussed with the principal how to do the program. He spoke to us very cordially. Then we took all our belongings to school and started a program to provide sports equipment and school equipment.

It's a beautiful school with 19 little ones who fall in love as soon as they see it. We first asked the names of the children and became somewhat friendly with the children. We then invited the children to showcase their talents. Seven children came and showed us their dancing and singing skills. We then handed them all an A4 sheet of paper and asked them to draw a picture of their future hope. We gave them 15 minutes for that.


After that, we gave them the gifts we brought and gave them a look at the drawing. Most of the children had drawn teachers and doctors as their future hope. But only one child had drawn a different picture as their future hope. That's a "three-wheeler driver." Out of 19 children, we were overjoyed to see such a different-thinking child. "මාමේ මම ආස ලොකු උනාම ත්රී රෝද රථ රියදුරෙක් වෙන්න". Tears welled up in my eyes as I spoke to that child, seeing the wishes of a Grade 1 child.

After donating sports equipment and school equipment, we gave them all a little treat. We saw that they were very happy with it. Also, we did not forget the teachers and the principal at the school. We also gave a small gift to all of them.


Then at the end of the program, the principal did not forget us. He spoke for about 5 minutes and thanked us very much for our help. In the end, all the children came and blessed us, thanking us as much as they could understand.

However, we were reminded that "SL Charity Phase 01 Project Balangoda" can bring a lot of humanity to things that money cannot buy.


I'm greatfull for steemit members, @steem.sri-lanka and @steemcurator01 for all the support.

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"මාමේ මම ආස ලොකු උනාම ත්රී රෝද රථ රියදුරෙක් වෙන්න". Tears welled up in my eyes as I spoke to that child, seeing the wishes of a Grade 1 child.

It's so lovely. 💕
You guys did an amazing work. 🤗

10.04.2021 12:58

@prasadi Thank you akkaa 🤗

10.04.2021 15:03