We're going to mention Jesus, (so let me make a caveat here) I say this in all of my stories that bring up Jesus as an example in any of my work; and that's - I'm not propagating any kind of religion, I'm not propagating any sect of Christianity, I'm not in any way trying to place Jesus up on a pedestal, I'm talking about this in an allegorical sense, or if you want to look at Jesus as a historical figure, weather he was or not the messiah, we're talking about the story as portrayed in the New Testament, and the actions he performed and the teachings he propagated as a historical or allegorical figure. So, take that for what it is worth, I'm not suggesting to anybody to think about it in any particular way. I'm telling you that the example Jesus gave is a valid one, and the teachings are also valid, even if you don't want to look at this as a historical or religious figure. I am simply going to refer to the story in how the New Testament tells us, what it portrays, or what it is trying to teach us.

       So, we're going to look at Jesus, and the Founding Fathers, and the Revolutionaries who fought the Revolutionary war. We're going to talk about the black slaves of early America and the Civil War era. And, we're also going to talk about the anarchists of today. Of course I am not talking about the image of the anarchists of today, rather I'm just going to bring up the movement of most true anarchists of today.


        This is how the true anarchist believe, and it says exactly what it means. We accept having no masters, and we accept to only live as free people and free will and do not condone to slavery, no matter where it comes from.

        “I AM ME, I AM FREE - I declare my independence as a sovereign human being, I do NOT consent to be governed, I commit No Crime, as I harm no other. I DO NOT subscribe to labels or dogmatic ideologies; and I treat anybody as a brother or a sister.”

        This is what the real anarchists believe, as we cannot have a ruling class and a ruled class of people all while calling us a civilization, as that civilization is just not civility, or civil at all. We're a ruled class and a master class and we cannot and will not be free people with master's class or having slaves of any kind answering to the dictates of a master class. So, we're going to talk about slavery in this country and how it continues to this day and how to go about ending the condition of human slavery if we’re ever going to be a free people again.

        In the Allegorical sense of the story, Jesus was a dissident who opposed the three major institutions of slavery of his day, those same institutions of slavery of his day are the same institutions which still perpetuate human slavery of today. Nothing has changed since the day when the story of Jesus had been written. The Same institutions that were running things over 2000 years ago, are still in control of the institutions of today, and they are what we call the Unholy Trinity.

The Unholy Trinity breaks up into three sub-categories; as (Father) Religion, our (Mother) money, and the (Child) called Government.

       People want to know what's in control of it all, and people will ask you? Are the banks in control of it all, or is the money that controls everything, or is it the government, deep state or shadow government that control it all? And the answer is, it's Religion that controls it all. It's a priest class. Those who understand this kind of work will understand this. The force of religion still run the institutions of this world to this very day. They've just taken an overt and covert closed hidden role in manipulating you – the people – into buying up its bull shit. They've just gone from the covert, to the overt. They've gone into the underground realm of things to work in occultism and the occult member levels of the world which operate in that of a priest class.

        (Father) Religion: Perpetuates thought control, ignorance as it's based upon belief, not fact or the search of Truth. It's controlled by a dark, secret or occultist priest class and is the essence of all Mind Control. It is the basis of what we know of today as the “New World Order,” or what's better known is that it's not “new” at all.  Actually, it is the “Old World Order,” rather it follows the same agenda with a new name, calling it “The New World Order.”

        That's what any false religion does or is supposed to do is perpetuate ignorance, because there are some religious that still hold true to the word of God, even to this very day. Religion is also based upon blind belief and does not search for truth, or from the actual truth that is derived from the Actual Laws, which are the Laws of Nature and Natural Law.

        The things that distract us from the actual truth and keep Natural Law from humanity, are the things that control us, which stems from false religion, money, and government.

        Money is also a religion that controls the world. It's the second most powerful religion on earth today. Money controls everything besides the actual religion itself that must harden it's thought process into what people call a belief today. religion, or false religion, is a hardened belief system in the mind, instead of the search for understanding truth. Religion is the basis of order for the old ways of the world slave system to enhance their old-world order. OR so-called order. So the institution of currency and religion of money both influence slavery which controls the world by force.

       (Mother) Money is the feminine figure that works with this “Order.” Emotional Control – Perpetuates Apathy – The New God to which human beings now entirely devote their care, attention and energy to – It is the Ultimate Religion – And, it is also used as the basis for the “New” part for the New World Order.

        Emotional control through money happens through what we care about, just as an example of this; how many people emotionally and continuously focus on money? Because, almost all day, every-day, people are inwardly, or emotionally thinking about money. Money is the most behavioral force in the world, and what people are going to get out of their actions for – is money. It doesn't matter what currency people use – no matter which way people look at it – money is still a religion. If the factor of money makes people focus on what they are going to do, or how they are going to feel about what they do, instead of focusing on just doing the right thing, or doing what is right because it's simply the thing you're supposed to do, we fall very short on our accuracy about Truth or Morality. Thus, why Money constitutes a religious binding to it.

        This also creates an Apathy for Truth, because if there is no money in it, or in the behavior or action than why do it – right?

        Money is used to create human beings to care about it and it being the helpful medium that helps them get from point A to B, and people end up caring more about money than they do about family, or community, or just going out into the world to do the right thing. They use it as the ultimate form of religion, and is the basis for the New World Order, or the “Old,” order part ends up in chaos and death. Death of the family, death of your rights, and just empty confusion that adds to the chaos it creates in communities.

        These two institutions of religion and money work together to actually create the death. This is what the allegorical story of Jesus in the New Testament taught about, was of the Unholy Trinity of Religion, Money and Government. Jesus went after the priest class, like the pharisees and Sadducees as we will explain about here as well. Then, he also went after the money changers, which are the FIAT bankers of his day, and then finally the Roman Government had him crucified at the behest of father and mother.

        So, next we have Government which is the bodily control system because it works through physical means to get what it wants. They get away with this through the order-follower and perpetuates cowardice because people don't know how to do the right thing, because of the fear that will be conducted upon them by doing the right things in front of other government agents. It's based upon the erroneous belief in authority, having an authority figure above another human being. It's also based on being that of a violent enforcer in nature, for the father (Dark Occultists) and the mother or the bankers. It is the “New” World Order.  It is the path that leads to ruin over natural order.

          So, let's look at how Jesus was a dissident against these three institutional bodies of religion, money and government. Jesus was an opponent of the established religious priest-class during his lifetime. He taught spirituality which was in direct opposition to the worldview of the Pharisees and the Sadducees, the most powerful Judaic religious sects of his time. And, when you read these stories, he didn't do this so politely either. He was very vain against their sketchy morality. They were so concerned with dogmatic law in the Judaic religious and religious texts, but they weren't really treating people as free sovereign beings. They were about control and not about true morality. Their only objective was control and being in control. They wanted nothing to do with a moral behavior at all which was why Jesus went up against them and if you really read these stories, he wasn't so soft spoken about it.  He said it just how it was and wasn't afraid to speak his mind and tell them exactly how it was. Again, you don't have to accept the history of this account, but we should by now be able to accept the principles that he was teaching about that these scriptures contained for man to understand, so that we learn from the lessons he taught.

        Jesus also spoke out against the monetary powers of his day. He even took physical action against them in the famous biblical story where he drove the money changers out of the Temple in Jerusalem. This was the equivalent of the monopolistic banking institutions of his time. You could make a comparison to them as well as you could to the Federal Reserve or any of the other Central Banks.

         He wasn't afraid to take out the switch against these people because what they were doing was horrible, immoral and wrong. It was harming other people and draining those people out of their hard-earned resources and whatever else that it could. It was also defrauding them both mentally and spiritually as well by placing more value on money when it was supposed to be about morality.

         Jesus spoke against the so-called “authority” of the Roman Government, which was the most powerful government institution of his time. Government was the institution which eventually convicted Jesus as an “enemy of the state” and ordered that he be murdered by crucifixion.

        It was said in 3 passages within the bible to “render therefor unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s,” and people think that's so soft spoken – and it's not. It’s telling people to give everything that was going to be used for slavery and usury back to Caesar and not to take part in it. Do you think the son of God or God would condone to allowing an oppressor to continue to oppress the people? No. He would have been saying to give back unto them everything that is theirs. Caesar was a pedophile, and sexual deviant. He was a murderer who claimed to be the son of god and oppressed and enslaved millions of people, including Jesus’ own. The traditional pro-tax interpretation of the Tribute Episode is simply the wrong understanding of this teaching. He never meant for His answer to be understood as an endorsement of Caesar’s tribute to being morally obligated in any way to pay taxes.

        The Catholic Church have understood the gospels in this way, but Jesus never meant for his answer to be standing for the proposition that Jesus thought it was morally obligatory to pay taxes. Especially not the ways that we are paying them today, through usury, excessiveness and fraud. The whole scheme of the monetary system is slanted in favor of the elite and wealthy and not helpful for the poor at all. In my opinion, it was directly created in that way and it’s silly to me that people found value in it so much, that we’ve allowed it to carry people this far into slavery and the slave-like system that we have set up for us today.

       Judas the Galilean taught that “taxation was no better than an introduction to slavery,” and the people who followed him had “a firm attachment to liberty.” They recognized God, and God alone to be ruler, and they combated the uprising for decades to come as they did not bend to the whim of some oppressor, or ruler over the people. This was a tax revolt and payment of the tribute conveniently summarized the deeper political issue: Either God and His divine laws were supreme, or the Roman emperor and his pagan laws were.

        Jesus was being plotted against to be tricked as they asked if it was lawful to pay this Tribute unto Caesar, they wanted to entrap Jesus. But Jesus, knowing their wickedness before they had even asked, he asked them why they are tempting him and called them out on being hypocrites.  He began to ask, “what is in their minds, false flattery – as the Pharisees believed that they alone were the authoritative interpreters of law, so appealing Jesus’ authority to interpret God’s law on the Tribute to Caesar, they established two goals in mind: (1) that they force Jesus to answer the question where Jesus would lose credibility as a Rabbi with the very people who proclaimed Him as King; and (2) they force Jesus to base his answer in Scripture, challenging his knowledge in hopes to disgrace Him if he was unable to escape the clear-cut stubborn interrogation.

        They wanted to denounce Jesus from having any divine knowledge, so they were asking Him in a way that was taking him for granted any way that they could. They wanted to shake him up and trick him while at some point, Jesus must have led them to believe that He opposed the tribute, otherwise the questioners would not have asked in the first place. Jesus rejected the Roman occupation altogether and they wanted to put Jesus in a trap to make it as though he was denying the taxes being allowed in the first place, not so they could incite him as a King rather it was so they could denounce Jesus altogether. Instead they were caught up as they couldn’t denounce Jesus or his authority on the matter. If he was to answer one way or another, it was a trap. If he was to say that the tax was legitimate, he would have been seen as a collaborator with the Roman occupiers, which would have alienated him from the people who proclaimed Him as King, and if He said that the tax was illegitimate, He risked being branded as a political criminal and incurring the wrath of Rome right there because no one wants to be okay with slavery, even in that of a percentage of their earnings. With either answer someone would’ve been likely to kill Him on the spot because he wasn’t loved for his sharp tongue but his kindness in truth, and he wasn’t hated for the love he brought rather the discipline he instructed with mankind, so someone would have wanted him dead either way before they marveled at his comments and went their own way.

        Recognizing the immediate trap and exposing the hostility and hypocrisy of the interrogation it was his questioners who’re engaging Him in this way to enter the sequential dispute of Judeo-Roman politics. But Jesus was against all politics, so when he asked to see the coin instead of jumping into the discussion, the only reason he asked to see the coin was to imply as though there was something meaningful about this coin. Rather than just answering this question without seeing the coin, which he could have done, he was implying that it was of no value to them and asking them to give it back to the makers of that coin, Caesar. Also, His reason for asking for the coin was to show that He himself was taking no part in it and did not even have a coin. Although many of His followers were using these coins, he was denouncing it as a collateral to their worth. He was implying that the things of God are Gods, and though mankind – namely Caesar wanted to render themselves as gods, simply didn’t hold any weight. It was a false idol and people revealing the coin were showing religious hypocrisy being in the profane item, the coin itself, being brought into the space of the Temple.

        It’s also to make a magnificent point as well that the coins of the ancient world were the major instruments of imperial propaganda, promoting agendas and promulgating the deeds of their ruler. It was for indoctrinating the people with the deity of the emperor, and coins excelled all other media. They were handled by everyone. Their subtle symbolism pervaded every household with their propaganda.

        There is also the fact that he first asked who’s this image of on the coin. He could have answered the question on whether it was ok to pay the tax without seeing it or by asking that specific question, but it suggests that both the it and its answers are significant for two reasons: First, if they pose a hostile question where He responds with a counter-question; whereby answering the counter-question to refute the hostile question, they become vulnerable to attack and He then uses His answer to counter-question to refute the hostile question in the first place. Unlike modern day lawyers who uses a formal legal rhetoric in the courtroom, the point of Jesus making a counter-question instead of outright answering it is ultimately to refute the hostile question. And secondly, because the hostile question was a direct challenge to Jesus’ authority on the point of law, His interrogators would have expected a counter-question grounded in scripture, based solely on the Torah, which it was. The fact that the words “image” and “inscription” were used provides the scriptural basis for the question about the tax.

        Also, God prohibits False engraved images, as the commandments prohibits worship of anyone or anything but God, and it also forbids crafting any image of a false god for adoration. This was as a reminder that God demands allegiance of His people to not take part in anything that engraves false idols being on coins or dollar bills makes no difference today. Jesus is telling the people to give them their illegitimate currency back, and not to take part in any of it. He was stating to take no part in it because all those who transact with it worship and assert Caesar’s authority and propaganda. On the back-side of the coin it also inscribed the words “Pontifex Maximus,” which translates into, “High Priest,” so in other words, if you want to take part in the priest class than go ahead and do so, but it was not of God’s intention, and that is another part that Jesus was trying to set right which was Gods natural law which was to love thy neighbor as they would love themselves. The only law given by God is to love and if everyone did that, we wouldn’t need money of any kind to pay us what we’re worth, we would just be a happy enough people to allow people to get the things they need without a commodity in the way of people getting the things they need.

       The irony in all of this is that in all three Gospels of the Bible depicting the son of God and the High Priest of Peace, which was newly proclaimed by the people to be a king, they were holding the tiny silver coin of a king who claims to be the son of god and the high priest of the Roman empire that promised peace and tranquility. But, in truth, these are not gods and should not be depicted as such and their coin did not bring peace and tranquility to mankind rather it enslaved them and was a medium into slavery. These are false gods who are planning to enslave the people to take their worth away from them and to keep them captive toiling as though they have any other authority over them besides the divine one and only God. The truth was the only divinity and the truth was the natural law provided which was the free will of man. The fact that other people could get it so wrong is the troubling fact here.  We couldn’t just be a people who loved one another from the beginning enough to agree on a loving way to treat each other. So instead of tranquility and peace, we got violence and wars instead.

       God even declares that the silver and Gold are His. The Jewish people first acknowledged that all good things came from God and that all things, in turn, belonged to God, whereas the emperor of Rome claimed that all people and things in the empire rightfully belonged to Rome.  This subsequently notified everyone who transacted with it that the emperor demanded exclusive allegiance and, at least, the fabrication of worshipping the system of Rome. Tiberius claimed to be the worshipful son of god. Roman occupiers served as a constant reminder that the land of Israel belonged to Rome. Rome tax, paid with Roman currency, impressed upon the population that the economic life depended on their emperor, while the emperors’ bread and circus maintained political order. The propaganda on the coin even attributed peace and tranquility to the emperor as though he was the bearer of that peace.

       Jesus escaped the rhetoric gamble on His life through cleverly pointing out that what is Caesar’s is Caesar’s and what is God’s is God’s. He was simply implying to His followers to choose their allegiance. Either you are giving praise to God or you are giving praise to a guy who calls himself as god and is going to be asking for you to pay your portion of your hard-earned labor and thus making you a slave to the Roman empire.

        St. Matthew’s version of the Catechism refers to the Tribute Episode only to justify acts of disobedience, where it quotes, “to teach to a Christian that they must refuse to obey any political authority when that political authority makes a demands contrary to the demands of moral order, the fundamental rights of people, or the teachings of the Gospel.” The 1994 Catechism teaches likewise to St. Mark’s version to instruct a person that they should not submit his personal freedom in an absolute manner to any earthly power, but only to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Caesar is not the Lord it states - thus the Christian owe nothing to Caesar anything and owe allegiance to God and God alone. Thus, the 1994 Catechism does not interpret the Tribute Episode as a justification for the payment of taxes as suggested by the authoritative readers of that passage. Even the Catholic Church does not recognize the Tribute Episode to mean that Jesus endorsed paying Caesar’s taxes even though they, like many other churches, still condone to the use of money and even considerably condone to paying taxes, even excessive ones.

        I'm out to show people what is really “of God,” and His natural law. Meaning, objective, cosmic, universal or moral. Which is exactly what he was attempting to teach people. Unfortunately, with the power of his actual teachings, he wasn’t a religious teacher of that time or a Rabbi. I don't care if people think he was just a story made up by human beings which were trying to attempt to convey morality to other individuals, it didn't really work out so well for us – did it? Because we still haven't been liberated from slavery 2000+ years past. We're still in the same human condition that people were in – in that time period. Absolutely nothing has changed, and in fact it's gotten much worse, which is why we have to step-up our efforts in our work here.

         Throughout all the allegorical stories in the New Testament, we see how all the institutions of slavery of Jesus' time (and the same institutions of slavery that exist today) colluded to have him murdered with the consent of the brainwashed population. Jesus' murder was performed by the police of his time, namely the Roman Centurions.

        I would say to many Christians of our time, “You do realize that it was the police of his time that murdered Jesus Christ, do you not?” And, when you say this, they'll act like you have snakes coming out of your neck or huge horns coming out of your head as though you're the damn devil yourself. I always wonder how people are tithing in their churches knowing full well that, Jesus spoke against these very institutional powers being, (namely) religion, money and government, and then went on to murder/execute/crucify their savior Jesus Christ, and it was conducted by the police that followed their orders to have him killed.

        How could people who claim to be adherent of the Christian Religion not understand that allegory? I mean, how can people who act so righteously get the facts so wrong that they protect the same institutions that condoned the murder of their own messiah? It's absolutely unfathomable to me that people can't even recognize the Roman Centurions of his day were just like that of a police or military force of today and if they were given orders, like they did back then, the same as today, the people of today would have gone on and killed Jesus today as well. And if those same events were to take place today, and the police of today were ordered to fire upon command at Jesus of today – you surely should know that these idiot police would have Jesus murdered again in these very streets and they would do it in a heart-beat. They would do it without questioning the motives of their masters at all. AT ALL!

        And for all the people who call themselves Christians today who can't see this... You're a Joke! They are fake-ass Christians and they're a joke. I'll say it to all you so-called Christians out there who call themselves Christians today, that you're a joke. You're a flat out joke, and you're fake-ass Christians, because you can't even see the truth when it's right in front of you that you have something to fight for when it comes to the actual teachings through Jesus Christ within the bible. You've been clowned and had, and you think that the authority of the earth should share its power with your little old man, and with your little old humanity. I say this because you bought Romans 13 from these new aged Bible versions that replaced “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers – For there is no power but of God” which was originally stated in the King James Version and replaced with “Let ever person be subject to the governing authorities – For there is no authority except from God. Therefor whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed,” and that's a joke! And, it's also right there in the Book within the Bible and they can't even make THAT distinction, and that's sad! Why do you think the book was called Romans? Their Roman Authorities are telling you it's okay to murder Jesus, and these fake ass Christians can't even see it.

        God was not appointing these people in power as authority over men! Only the wicked rulers who are appointing themselves as rulers to make you subjects to its demands and decrees over YOU are appointing themselves as rulers over you, and you’re all just consenting to it because somehow you find value in it, and you shouldn’t be!

        The being who was trying to teach real morality to the world was crucified by the Centurions of the Roman Empire, is all I'm trying to say, and that it's a sad shame if people don't think that those same things are carried out today, and within our own time to the people who've had enough with their fake-ass Government orders and fake-ass government money, and fake-ass religion that supports the same masters that would have killed Jesus back in His time – today as well. And, people back in his day would have said the same thing that they say today. We're just following orders, or we're just doing our jobs.

        How the f*** brainwashed can you be! Way to go humanity! You’ve gotten this whole thing about the free will of the people so back-ass-wards it makes me sick to think that after 2,000+ years we can’t even have it half right by now.

        The Unholy Trinity of Priests, bankers, politicians and police are the very people who Murdered JESUS CHRIST and now you’re all signing up for the priest classes.

        So, all in all, Religion, Money and Government murdered the person that was teaching people the principles of the Christian religion, and the followers of their own tradition don't even understand that simple concept, that's literally laid out beautifully within their own allegorical stories and scriptures. Yet, someone who doesn't claim to be of “religious faith” does understand the morality and principles within those stories and is trying to teach people and reach the people who SAY or make CLAIMS as though they are devout Christians. I personally believe in Jesus Christ and claim to be a Christian, and though I may not be a perfect one, I can still understand the concepts that Jesus was talking about better than some of those who went to school many years to be a speaker in those very places you call Holy – Churches. Jesus also spoke that there was a time for everything, and a time or love and a time for hate, and just to be frank – I think we live in a time when we need more people who want to be the heroes in our lifetime rather than those who want to lie down in their little pastures and think as though THIS is what God would have wanted their world to look like – still 2000 years later, we still practice what looks like slavery to me – you fucks! You now have a Government that says it's okay for scientists to create marijuana-like products, and yet jail those who try to use the plant as though it was naturally created, non-genetically changed or modified to fit the corporate interests. So, I'd say that the world has been had, altogether, and NOT just these so-called fake ass Christians, but those who claim to be Christians, YOU are NOTHING of the sort! I think it's a time when people ought to be mad already and not just thinking whether their gut instincts might be telling them something or not. And to those of you supporting their corporate interests and value these pharmaceutical companies allowing for the murder of your own people and your own family and friends, F*** YOU TOO! You’re not a decent human being no matter how you dress yourselves. And don’t even try to make excuses for nasty people – if they’re nasty people – they’re flat out nasty people! You can’t put a rose in an asshole and call it a vase!

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