This word means to be an opponent of the established political order of the time.  This so-called ORDER.  I'd claim that it's to be an opponent of the established chaos of the current climate. &nbbsp;



        So, what is a dissident?  Or what you must ask yourself is what is a true dissident?

        A true DISSIDENT is somebody who opposes the established political condition of slavery regardless of how dangerous it is for their physical safety, because they understand that slavery is always immoral and illegitimate, and they will correctly value creation's gift of FREE WILL above all ellse.


p>&nbs;       I always say that to have a true relationship with someone, you must have this dynamic where you are going to accept being in a relationship with everyone who they have a relationship with, or who is involved with their lives.  Anything other than that, is a flat two-dimensional so-called relationship. Therefore, if it’s a true relationship that we have, the other person is always connected within that divine truth as well and they too will hold true to the values and principles held within natulaw.


p>&nbs        The American Revolutionaries hold no better example anywhere in all history of a true dissident who valued their country and mankind and the ground that they were standing upon to go up against tyranny, and then to bring up a person who stands in front of a tank at the Tiananmen Square Massacre.  I mean, you want to talk about someone having some serious cajones to stand up against what is wrong and having the courage to do something about it. Now, there's someone to look up to.   br>



        And people might ask, ‘what are we supposed to do, stand up to tanks?’  The answer is Yes!  Hell yeah you’re supposed to stand up against tanks if you have to.  I'll stand up to tanks if that's what it takes to protect truth and freedom in this country, hell yeah!  You think I'm worried about what these psychopaths have?  I'll force your hand to drop hydrogen bombs on the world if it comes down to that!  I'm not backing down because I don't care how many people that they want to kill or threaten anymore because one is too many.  And, you want to know why I don’t care anymore?  It's because I know who we're really going up against in this country of ours, because these are weakling little henchmen who have no cajones anymore!  These people have no courage and are nothing to look up to, because they are the exact replica of what our founding fathers had forewarned us about.

        I didn't just stumble across nothing when I stumbled across the truth, and honestly, if you knew the kinds of things that I've witnessed taking place in this country, and knew the kind of covert operations that are going on to silence people like us, and those who have already been killed for believing in what they’ve believed to be true to their hearts and kept that belief close to home with them, you’d take up the fight from where they left off.  They’re already dead for trying to fight for your rights and your safety and most of mankind won’t do anything to fight for anyone but themselves.  It’s pitiful!  I've got one life to live and I want to be able to live it free and independent safe from coercion and authority in this country and become liberated before I die.  In my life, I've been assaulted by these kinds of psychopathic sociopaths, because they know what I know is true, and they know that I know that they want me dead for knowing just the kinds of things that I know now to where I want to expose them for their crimes.  You can't erase the horrible wretched pain that it brings to learn what is taking place in this country and all over the world.  I want to fight it until my dying breath if that's what it’s going to take.  I'd rather die upon my feet than to die on my knee's because, I'm not afraid of what these people are doing, I'm not afraid of what they are capable of, because I've witnessed the kinds of horrific violations of natural law that these people represent today in this country, and they are no countrymen of mine!  These people are flat out cowards!  They have no grit to be called the human beings that they supposedly represent as though we should look up to them.  I will never look up to these soulless heartless fucks that are getting away with crimes against humanity on the large scale that they operate within.  

        If you were where I was and living with the kind of squalor and pain that I had felt all while questioning the current human condition we're in, and you saw the kinds of horrible things that people were coming out to say, and having the courage to try doing something about it... you'd fight as hard as me if not harder, because there is too much pain going on in the world for us not to have sympathy pains because of it.  I'm sure some people are more capable to feel it while others aren’t.  Because when one person is feeling duress on the levels that we are today, I think we all feel it and choose to feel what others are feeling or we ignore it like many others who ignore much of anything that is happening with their fellow mankind so long as it isn’t happening to them... because what happens when you get connected to that truth is you feel shit… emotionally you feel that shit, because you get a feeling to be grateful for the fight that you are faced with, instead of discouraged and far removed from the reality you’re faced with, and instead of feeling discouraged by it all you are encouraged to be present and fight for what is right, because you know that you have real reason on your side with what you're fighting for.  You are fighting for your freedom and the freedom of others!  That’s the fight that should be your only fight, to fight for the truth and freedom and placing posterity back into peoples’ lives who have begun to feel so disenfranchised that they feel they have no options left.  These are the people who end up killing themselves because they lost their reason.  You should be so loving that you are willing to fight for those.  We’re all a little lost.  Forgive them and fight for them.

        Most people don't know what true freedom would look like, and nor should any of us think that we really do, because no one currently knows what true freedom would even feel like had we somehow got brought out of this mess we’re in, and we’d get to see people truly thriving and living the dreams that they have, as without those dreams and goals being met, we don’t know what the world would look like on the other side of this.  I don’t think people would be in this all about me society, and certainly hope that they wouldn’t bow down to that level of idiocy, rather I’d hope that we’d all be fighting for each other and fighting for true freedom for everybody.

        Some people would ask me what life look would like if you hadn’t gone through some of the things I have, or what I think my life could look like today had they never happened, and let me tell you for certain that I've had a lot of dreams in my life which felt ripped up underneath me, but nothing compares to the dream I felt while being pressed upon to figure all of this stuff out, and to get my questions answered, because I seriously had no idea just how ugly and rotten the current condition of human slavery was looking like, and now I know.  I know far well now the kinds of pain that people are feeling these days, and just how deep that shit goes, because that shit runs deep.  Too deep as a matter of fact!  And, it's being indoctrinated into the minds of people these days to make it as though it’s somehow just normal to feel the kind of pain that drives a man insane with the idea that his life is somehow not by his own construct.  I’d just like my life back.  And, by that I mean the money I should have gained and the dreams that I feel should have been half met by now where I’m not even close to reaching today based on a world that feels very cagey and surreal in the fact that it’s not protecting me or my rights as a human being at all.  

        Well, here’s how Mark Passio put it…  He would like the ability to kidnap an individual and bring them somewhere against their will and drop them into a dungeon of a satanic ritual house somewhere to show them the kinds of things that these people are willing to do to them, and are willing to do to people who are dissidents in this country or children, and without any consequences for doing so.  He would like to have the supernatural ability to kidnap another human being against their will cause he would take them to a Satanic Ritual House and the Satanists would have their way with them and the police would be guarding the ritual chamber and would like to show people that no consequence would be taken against the Satanist, rape or performing violence that would be conducted there, and then they would know definitively what the world is and what it is protecting!   They wouldn’t just know, but they would know definitively what the world is!

        I believe Mark is not suggesting this lightly or with an actual intent of something he would do, rather he is just using this talking point to show people just how corrupt and wicked that these people are, and to show people the truth about what we are truly up against because they would know precisely what we are up against having seen everything that he has.  They wouldn't have a silly belief about it, rather they would know first-hand just what they were truly up against in this country, or for anywhere else in the world.  It's Satanic Ritual Abuse that's happening in America and in other countries as well.  He also says that he would like to be able to convey everything that he knows with one touch and I can second that motion through the things that I've seen, and watched, as though watching some horror film play out in front of my eyes as to what life was out in the real world around me.  They are crazy horrible people, and no one knows the things that I've seen, and nor do a lot of them seem to be too concerned about what I've seen of this world this far.  There are things that screwed me over so badly and took me through a long painstaking process in life that feels as though there was some pretty evil forces employed against me, and moving me around as though I had a thumb over my life and couldn’t quite get to doing the things that I was tirelessly working to do.  They outright played me out of my own life, and now that I feel I’ve figured out how they do it, I've been feeling as though my life has been under attack as though real criminals know that I would love to expose them and get some real freedom back.  The complicit behaviors that police and others are willing to take to prevent someone from ever getting to really live at all.  And, I look around at people who act as though the life they lead as though they get to live at all.  And, are you kidding me?  People aren't LIVING A TRUE LIFE WITH FREEDOM INTACT AT ALL.  Your lives have been had, and you're living a complete fairy tale if you believe that you have a true life of freedom at all because all of these people who died fighting to be able to live or those willing to fight against the wicked truth in this country are being extracted on the soul-level, or they are literally being murdered in this country to try to free the people from the kind of chaos it would create for people to know the truth, definitively and what these psychopaths are willing to do.  It's seriously a horrible a wrenched place to be thinking that you're somehow living a great life at all – because you're not!  Nobody is, and what’s even scarier is that no one cares about the real condition of human trafficking or slavery that is still going on to this very day.  It’s a sad fucking shame that people haven’t woken up to the truth yet, and nobody does any real studying anymore, rather just blindly believing what the media tells them to believe.

        So in this next part I’d like to bring up some examples of what a true dissident is, and what history has already shown us as to what a true dissident would look like, so please read on and help me with your upvotes to get this information to spread online and help people understand what it is that we are truly facing in this time we are living.  This isn’t a time to just be sitting back and waiting for someone to gift us with freedom.  We’ve lost our freedoms and our rights and how are we supposed to protect those freedoms and rights if we can’t name them or define them?  Thanks for yourt.

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