HELLISH HIGH HOPES & WICKED WISHFUL THINKING: = Bogus beliefs brazenly broadcast by, Psychopath Politicians & President of the United States, hereon, North America. Nothing and nobody has the POWERS THAT BE OF THE ETHEREAL REALMS of OCCULT-OCCURRENCE. Thus powerless to change courses >>> or stop happenings henceforth and there is no realized recovery out of repressive recessions. And in spite of inspiring speeches, nationalized narratives, otherwise official orators, tough trash talkers twisted terminologies and repetitiously repeated rhetoric. Directly due to Divine Decreed Destiny, duly deserved depopulation –doomsday desolation, demolition, destruction – devilish deaths and demonic demises!! Approx amounting and accounting about 88% - 90% of our overall in general numbers; executed -
eliminated - exterminated into extinction out of Ethnic existence. And another approx about 10% to 12% are redeemed righteously, saved by Almighty Divine Grace!!!
THE GRACE PERIODS ARE ALL OVER & EFFECTUALLY ENDED. Throughout this transitional timetable twenty-twenty, the year 2020 today. These are the End Time Days of Reckoning; Trials & Tribulations are Now Beckoning. Planetary populaces of people put and placed themselves in this plaguing pandemic position; purposely playing prejudicial party politics, producing politician psychopaths + predator profiteers = $$$
Upper-Middle-Low Classified Citizenry, criminally charged as a common collective. Excusing and baring nobody’s existing Ethnicity and each enemy entity. We’ve all eaten off of the TREE OF LIFE & DEATH. No one is innocent and intentionally ignored intelligent incoming information, indeed ignorant invidiously indoctrinated, insidiously inoculated idiots, intoxicated ignoramuses!
Consequently, Cauc-Asian China’s “Coronavirus – Covid-19” Contagions, came to cleanse and cure and conquer corporation company crooks, counter-combating criminalizing color coded curses. Concurrently containing and completely controlling the crazy collective citizenry, of continents and countries, counties and cosmopolitan cities; consummately, purified + purged, quarantined under Martial-Law of The Land, THE LAW OF LOVE via LOVE-LAW-1.

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