GODD Divinely Decreed Deaths - desolation depopulaltion....

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YES YAWLS YO: ‘Where ever there is adversity, there also roots the seed of an equivalent advantage’. (N. Hill) CHARLES Comprehend CoronaColor-CODE-09 cures, correlating; “Coronavirus-COVID-19” Contagions curses. Citizens of continental countries carrying compromised clinical conditions, constantly catching common colds congestion, coronary clogging’ are the contagious contaminants to contain and complete control as a collective citizenry, cleansed and cured. Inflamed individuals, inclusively, infectious immunity is insane and inhumane!!
A Massive Die-Off: Of hateful hybrid-humans, whose terrestrial territorial timetable transitions throughout tough tying trials and tribulations. The positive processes of elimination – executions – extinctions out Ethnic existences. Adversely affecting approx amounting accounting about 88% to 90% Divinely Decreed Devil Damned, doomsday destruction, desolation – depopulation – desperation, duly deserved deaths, and devilish demonic demises!
ADDITIONALLY: And another approx about 10% to 12%, = remaining remnants righteously repents regretfully requiring real remorse. For their reckless robberies, “racial” ruthless ruler ridiculous religious rationales restricting – repressing rational reasoning. Raiding rare riches, royalties, raping raw rendered resources. Plaguing – plundering – pillaging planetary properties, personal – private possession, producing prison plantations, poisonous pharmaceutical prescription pills + polluted potions. Psychopath politicians – presidents, pious pontiff popes, pedophile priests, pathological protestant preachers, pathetic pastors, projecting problematic planetary plaguing pandemics. Purified + Permanently Purged!!
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