FORTUNATELY & UNFORTUNATELY: Amounts – accounting approximately about, 10% to 12% of our ongoing overpopulating planet of populated procreated people, are positively preserved and protected. Divinely Decreed Dietary Defended, culinary culturally cleansed and completely cured of criminal corruption and their corresponding curses. Correlating CHARLES’ CoronaColor-CODE-09 Cures, counter-combating “Coronavirus-COVID-19” curses. And another approx about 88% to 90%, are unclean, unsanitary - ugly - unruly and are uprooted. Overcrowded civilian city-county – country – continental
SON of SOLARSUN-1_sm watermark.jpg
cosmopolitan conditions, cause combustible civic conflicts, conscious confusions, and cardiac + coronary complications, conscientious compromises, cognizant chaos. These are true toxins that traumatize, thus terrorizes tender tissues, crisscrossing contamination, and clinical conversions of the common-colds and congestive coughs. Converted over to becoming “Coranavirus” cellular corrosion, circulatory clogging, and calcification. Crowded quarters, workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, movie theaters, public parks, musical concerts, living spaces, are toxic environments, in and of themselves too!
IMMEDIATELY IMPAIRED INNATE – IMMUNITY: Involving insidious inflammations and invidious infections. All around our optically orbiting, Global-World-Nations. Nationally and Internationally, inflicting infecting individuals. Those who are genetically weaker, and for generations in the past times up until today they’re tested. Bygone days builds up psychologically + physiological poisons and pollution of our organisms personages. And that compromised immune-system show some serious sickness symptoms, sufferings and severe syndromes. Shortcoming that take the patient person’s physical life from them, hereon, planet MOTHER NATURE EARTH!!!
WE: Kept Karmic Kindred-Killers, keep telling ourselves all about how civilized and cultured our country is. When we’re actually uncultured, uncivilized, ugly and unruly. Everybody’s each existing Ethnicity, devilish deceitful doings, demonic deceptive dealings = our own trickster things, the unwise ways we wantonly wish, with wicked witchcraft whiteouts – warmonger wizards whitewalls and as whitewashed; “whites”. When perceptibly pearly pale pink pigmented planetary peoples populaces = Paleface Pink-Skins. Basic beauteous Brown-Skins, bogus branded bio-bodily beings; “blacks”. Sometimes said in combination: “the blacks and the browns and the whites”. They are the true Mental-Virons = “mind-viruses”of mass-marketed major mainstream media madness, maiming millions Melanin-More majority members' mindsets and Melanin-Less minority mutant members mentalities. Maintained inside of a madman’s manufactured mesmerizing maze Matrix!

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