We are really humans, we really have that spark

I don't know if I'm crazy or not.. or damaged!
I don't really know if you are damaged or not if you are robots or humans.
But what I really know.. is that I have, feel and "see" that sparkle inside me.
And you all have that also, we're all humans. Let's use that sparkle this final of a nice year. Even if I will disappear or not ... or my project will not be. I know almost nobody sill read this.
Let's enlight ourselves and who's near! We can. Let money, let rules, let anything and shine.
Smile at your relatives, even at a stranger poor man on the street. Shake the hand with them even they have social position and money or not. We're all humans, let us be so.

I seem that I'm most damaged and a robot who doesn't love her, she said all the time. She will go to the country and with her mom and sisters and I'm so damaged that I am not allowed to go.
But at least some of us will have and wish you all the nice holidays.
Don't let robots rules or craziness to drive us, be between them, be both. We're all amasing.
Let's do it! This year first.

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