To everybody my best try to say: I really love anything and will try to help everybody

Because my associate had chosen another platform NEM, but because I said I'll try to raise EOS and Steem community, I will say who am I:
I am a programmer, 21 years huge project career, but very intuitive, loving and spiritual one
I love everything, I most love God and Hi's creation, I love all exists, the universe, the stars, the earth, all life, I love plants.I love the miracle of life.
I love animals (I really love my dog, he's God looking at me, staying dutiful and wise and lovely looking at me, not judging me and only want me to food and cherish him, in our religion this only happens with Christmas carol singers, really this times of year now, which is only time when people receive others into their homes and esteem them with food and drink, for a few time, only to celebrate this kind of behaviour, which is very rare, indeed)
Any I want to say it's simple to love a flower or a dog, but hard to love the human because they are bad, sinners. that's why seems that humans was loved the most by God (to cover this) and that's why humans have creation rights by free will also to duty to cleanse themselved of evil.
It's a long story, but I really love people and this is my gift (our, with my frient) to humanity.

You'll see the first whitepapers soon on Github.
And by the way, my friend insist again to me leave this platform.
I'm alone here and also I think people don't love and everybody only wants. I don't say money.

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