The rest first good part of inner my soul pulse and how it raised up a bit by what it did

So, firstly I'm really sorry to who felt strange by those. I am not so perfect. I would also to show to you that I'm human and a part of mine also and how to do (I neither know so good what to do in every real situation).
Let's say that she upset that I ignored her a bit more until it raises up the key of this project from nowhere, from God, in me implies all mankind and all spirits(angels), including God. That's so big and enclosing with love all our values of truth, carrying, caress and more feelings (good or bad) also God do surround all. As so that this concept is so transcedental, from blockchain to us in the same manner and from us then to the entire universe and to God.
Returning, because those, one night she washes to make love with me and I was with a lot of this project idea in the head and then, to not fall asleep, with the phone in my hands sharing a bit of them to my friend which wanted actually started and own some of this project. The key which unlocks also a lot of money. We'll make them here, at first, because I hope to convey an entire community here.
And she's upset because when she came back near to the bed I had still used the phone. Anyway.
Did she say all the time where is the human part of this project? Where ar soul in it? Only theory, money, computers, robots, robots people with no soul. And she's right, somehow. We may raise up our soul into the spirit.
I said too much, I'll continue in next:

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