The power of prayer and it's inexplicable effect into brain, human and water and more

The prayer: autosuggestion? placebo effect? medical theory? In the borderline situations, the mind can influence the organism so much, that to cause him to heal. Skepticism? exceptional cases? that did not deserve to take into account, for science?

The prayer works wonders, the parietal lobe (responsible for the orientation in space and sensory information processing) it close, the human lose the link with the external environment, passing beyond the concrete reality limits, the human who prays, cease to perceive himself, as an individual and melt with the universe, with the divinity and connects to primordial energy: metabolic functions are normalized and immune system is regulated triggering healing says Valeri Slezin, professor at neurological research and development institute Beterev from Saknt Petersburg, with 20 years of research in this mistic area of the brain.

The brain (we all know), have some main active woken up states/inner frequency: vigil, relax, rapid sleep (with dreams) and slow sleep (without dreams) and during the prayer, the brain's activity diminishing twenty times and touch that unconscious state, deep sleep state, also met at nurseling babbies (because they feel beloved and protected. We all do all we do because of this. Because, with age this state of comfort it fades, it accelerates. The state of prayer when the consciousness areas are closing and decreasing in frequency and the human open a direct channel with divinity it's only which take us back to that children brain state, where we feel the overflow of His love and border between the earthly world and highest heaven it fades, fusion with divinity activates brain amazing abilities which have no limit practically.

So the prayer isn't a beautiful metaphor but the key of our existence, reverting the human adult to his initial existence, primary state, that's why children don't need to pass through the mistery of confession, because still benefits of divine protection.

Christina religion: The cross sigh also modifies the water optical properties and kills the microbes and this couldn't be a placebo, as the 15 years Angelina Malakovskaia's study (The physicist at the Institute of Naval Medicine Research, Sankt Petersburg). She observed that harmfull organisms decrease by a thousand of times.

The mass pray improves the sanity state of the believers and much more: also eliminate radiation; unbelievable, 30 from Cernobal (wherein 1986 a nuclear accident with disastrous effects) is the saint Ilie curch where the radiation level it's almost null and the scientist people don't explain it. Valeri Slezin said that the miracle is the result of some laws of the universe which science can't unravel. As gravity and electromagnetism, which a while ago was some kind of unexplained things, same things here are now still fantastic or fanciful.

Brain frequencies: beta 13-30 Hz: vigil (exterior ... to stress); alfa 7-13 Hz (calm, interior-exterior, meditation dynamic); theta 3-7 Hz (vision, dynamic constructive imagination, creative inspiration or fast sleep with dreams: REM or daydream reverie, fantastic thoughts, artistic, harmony and bliss, INTUITION, deep subconscious, major changes in unconscious from stale programs of worry and suffer to those chance creators, cure and success).. and, normally: delta 0.1 to 3 Hz (NREM, profound sleep, strong extasy or mystically profound bliss, Buddhism and Hinduism trance "samadhi", Buddhist awakening understanding "satory", pure consciousness: waking consciousness, dreaming and dreamless Sanscrit'a "Turiya".

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