The first highest spirit thoughts on the best transcendental consensus release protocol proof of concept

Spiritual/heard part of the whitepapers:

Let's say something good and give some light into that so unrealistic utopic it seems things:
We're entering in symbolistic and some mystic languages:
The light (soft, heart) over the substance (hard, materials), what does? soft to hard (the software uses hardware in it's the latter rules, but but the former leads it) or light to substance? (heat, reflect or refract or both, into diamonds). How do we get diamonds from our heads/hearts/souls?
And the big question: what does heart into materials? which's the heart and which are the materials?
Which are the most over our hearts? or most over then all materials?
hint: morality/humanity should be the best spirit over our hearts and political power/money over the all materials, services!
Not somehow it's all about morality and money?
Now, how do we get them together and how we can link them in blockchain?
We have a lot of layers, symbolistic the same: blockchain: software/hardware, society: universe: light/substance, hearts/money, spiritual enlight/people.
The question: where's the real problem? In software, in the universe light? or in our minds/hearts? Or most in our spirit over us all?
And think about the past transcendental consensus protocol I said, from blockchain up to its creators, us, good combining the ideas, in our consensus. And this consensus up to our Creator!
And now, can you combine all those in the proof of concept consensus protocol I say?

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