The first highest inner my sould pulse to outer world

In the month of winter holidays, the month of thanksgiving, Christmas, the moth of gifts, of best desires and also wishes mankind can have, with my pity soul I wish you all best thoughts but also compassion even forgive bad people, support and ever love them most, because you may see pity them chained by bad, still not free as some of us, loving people.
In those days when someone have family and happiness and even know how much and someone else don't (don't see this evil in me, I know you would, we'll clean at last, it's not about me and whatever she did, I would evenly have do, I had all time in me, it's very strange and hard to do with you all, because what's in me it's so big) we may at least think an very little amount the entire our globe ppl who they celebrate modestly or worse same spirit, which also are equal to any, don't you see, we have same time counting... and probably, they may love each other more.
Let's wakeup people. We're the same in front of love. Look at the children and at every human as you look at a pet or nice animal, even human more powerful and also can do wrong, controlled by bad.
We all are some bad some good. Bad ppl would be more sensitive and suffer more, bad suffer more and are more weak than powerful love.
Let's try to smile to every one, at least once, to see that being have soul, even any way he is, to see that someone have same spirit within, you may be the first who will wakeup it.
Don't let anyone to do it before you.
Be strong spirit big soul mind to them, love it's free. Give something small or gesture to anyone need or not.
Why we all crawl on ground by wickedness. Who said this is max we can?
We'll all die, why not do it with dignity and fullness.
We can all do a lot with free simple thoughts. not induced by harm.
In this month please, let's be different. Take hand of anyone and simply say that the sun will raise up tomorrow.
It not sounds as I would. sorry, that's I can now. I'll return soon.

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