The bigger lines in this mind, soul, spirit proof of concept consensual protocol

At first, I will repeat myself with a few things again:

  • forgive me that I'm not so perfect
  • but this concept is bigger than me and than others and I need you all, we need, each other
  • please do not reply to me until I say that I finished the prove of the transcendental big part of the concept, because I have not so much time to everybody
  • just vote me, because I'm alone here, bring more ppl here please, you'll see afterwards why
  • normally we all must reach the consensus to prove the concept

So let's say it again: to not say that I'm only crazy, as my friend also said until understood it and massive into the ppl and global and spiritual power of it, not just a protocol to make money.
It's about the new proof of concept consensual protocol in blockchain which will not change the base of any of those exits: POW, POS, DPOS, POET or any and which simply surrounding all of them and which can exist and will ever exists, you'll see why.
The protocol which is humanly not so new, neither spiritually, but just about not anyone linked them together. Again, spirit don't let me, us, don't still let you.
The consensual protocol which needs to logically decentralize in people to approve it.
But this is the hardest part: just it's not so simple, the first it to the prove it and in front of others and of God also, believe me. Otherwise, you'll be sifted by the spirit and you'll don't pass all at first. You'll see it into your own. I know that well. We're still not so free to do it. I hope I am and I'll help others to pass. I was free and love and thank you God that You did let me reveal it first. Big, Big responsibility, We would raise a community first to start it.
For this level of the first raise up, It's needed for people with better minds, big souls and strengthened spirits, take responsibility of it, that's so big.
But, in order to high spiritual values, patience, respect, attention, anyone can read those without pass the spirit tests. Don't worry, sounds strange, but it isn't so. It's one of those spiritual tests, hahaha. You'll know it, in that pass. We need to mine and mine again our souls through the spirit to take out our values, in order to do prove this concept first and before implementing it, because is needed so strong to start it and because will work automatically afterwards.
Big similar parts transcendental of it: mind logically blockchain proof of concept, similar soul prove of it as first charity to the new free world and to any of others good deeds and spiritual same liberation love from where I get those to chain them more quickly as an entire society to start mining cryptocurrency starting to achieve the new decentralized world if we start to do it ... or to simply fight for the last fiat money will ever exist here.

Finally, the best who let me know to start all those:
The first time: thank you, my friend, with your blockchain, market and lastly AI idea
And then thank you: @George Levy (Instructor at Udemy academy) with the first course "Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals "
and " Blockchain A-Zā„¢: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain "
Thank then to Hadelin de Ponteves, also to Kirill Eremenko, than to SuperDataScience Team and
Most supporting to @Stoodkev @project.hope and some as them. We'll all need you soon.
Please vote me, because I can't at least post them.
best regards to anyone and to AI. We will do it! You'll see!

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Dear @charitytofreedom

Thank you for your kind support to project.hope


10.12.2019 15:51

Please follow me and find ppl to follow me, I don't need money. I'm Power Up 100% and therefore I'll donate all afterwards. You'll see me soon in a big project, were I need your all support also. And if not very thank you. And also sorry if I will not be able to handle you or all will involve.

14.12.2019 21:38

hi @charitytofreedom

Could you tell me more about this project?

Yours, Piotr

15.12.2019 18:39

Yes, of course.
What do you want to know about?
It will be white on papers soon. Until then I can explain major guide lines, because it's into clear preconcept also most clear concept and almost finish the protocols concept. All based on proof of concept. šŸ™‚

16.12.2019 17:29

You are single which ask, so!
What do you need to know, as first who enter get bigger advantage!
Let's say that you're first on this platform.
What do you want to know?
Also please read all mine (ours) and vote them only if you then understand them.
Please, come with us! šŸ˜Š

17.12.2019 14:14