Thank you for first 7 votes on a post

But I don't know why?
I see those about money wasn't voted. And link with the project.
By the way, I had chosen this platform, especially for the heart soul promote proof of concept.
But what I should say about what to get your attention first, for this so big project.
What you upvoted the most from it? About Christmas eve?
About her? About my life? About my real condition?
About my sincerity? About my heart?
About the spirit, that spark? About my fight?
About a most down also damaged crazy who really know and fight to help an entire world?

And also may I ask you, if she doesn't let me do this, what should I do? To let her, definitively? Or until things will go to work better? With her? With project?
I'm so alone here, I really best know what's good and what's right and how to link them. But I really don't know how to promote this divinity size consensus.
Please, help me a little at least. I don't want almost anything for me!
What should I do (constructively, please don't say anything about abandon or break the chain, I will never know how to do this.
To anyone, please help and sustain me, It's so hard alone!
What do you like more and what you consider will be more nice and accepted about all I said in order to make things to work nice?

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