Mind soul spirit token values vs coins and hard

To make light in those, think about this EOS:STEEM ideas (then the entire SIA same), all those as a light and some kind of any coin as hard substance enlighted ... in time, don't think this will happen so soon, but let's start.
As the software cannot be written into a night, not at least our mind, to see "the light"!

But still missing the proof of concept, isn't?
Why we would those?
For steem, for power? For a few ideas and their values? Or for powerful coins? Or for both?
How we can do this? And don't be corrupted again by the power of money?
We still don't have almost any human value!
How we can measure this value? In money? As they are now? They don't even exist so! As we see them now. Be sure of this! We made them so. The worst way as the whole globe big.

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