God is Love and Love is God, the highest first spiritual humble out pulse.

God is Love and Love is God, the highest first spiritual humble out pulse.
I am almost alone here. Also if wouldn't , same alone still, because it can't be touch.

So, at first was nothing, still God. And the God is Love and the Love is God.
The God gave us free will, He's freedom also. So: The Freedom Is Love and the Love is Freedom. So:

In His infinite freedom, of all, of any, God (Love, because the Freedom is Love) made also an entire world and humans and gave to them the free will.
Let's so quick, between the lines, read again: The Infinite Freedom is Love... and That Love is The Infinite Freedom, means that HE also, because of His Infinite Love and how much He had love us that He gave to us the free will, not love . But
Because of Freedom Is Love, meaning that if we're free we love, but we are not so free if we don't love, but also because of Love is Freedom, meaning that if we Love we're free. Its single way to eliberate ourselves.
So, what He's doing infinite way, all the time, in front of us, it's what we also may do, as:
because of first, if we don't love we can't be free (means freed by love) (as 1: Love is Freedom) and that is our free will to choose Love (because the 2: Freedom is Love).
Oh, I forgot to say: as you to not say that freedom can be achieved somehow otherwise (bad way), let say it again:
God is only Love and the Love is only God, meanings we may only be part of God and also to do so: we may only Love to be really free... to Love again.. and so on.

But it's another bigger freedom (bad way, evil saying), by power, by money, etc.
But the bad have it's role (also), to consciousness.
But let's stop here, we're still grounded and crawled by it into the ground. And it does well because we still don't love.
Read this again because it's so logical but the bad spirit don't let you to understand and this is also normal. Hahaha. Is task.

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