First time money limits fitghting unequal with the love and the hope

Let's see a sample as a biggest spread:

  • we all want money, isn't?
  • but also we all want liberty, total liberty, from we were kids;
  • but our parents, our society says to us, from very young about the money and their need and their limits;
  • but also most of us want to get love and to love;
  • but also most of us gets nothing and feel the same: less;
  • in there our souls almost emptiness, not any lossless;
  • also in our money accounts, almost the same;
    So, where's the problem? Does money seem our biggest problem? Isn't? Most also because of others keep them and manage them as we don't want but also because we aren't able to do it and also because of we really don't want to be free and that's why we are led by them and they do the perfect job for us until we'll upraise.
    Next? What means this upraise? Or wakeup?
    The love problem? Or liberty? Which first? Liberty? With what price? Money? Love? Or both? How's that?
    You are libre? with what? with money?
    Or with a little amount of love?
    Which give to you real liberty?
    And how?
    Oh, but it's hard to love, most to love a lot of people, most if there's no money, isn't?
    Finally! What's the clue, how's the picture? What's the magic formula?
    It seems almost like a fight! Isn't it?
    Oh, this spirit!
    How many times?
    We hope? Let's hope! 😁

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