Again from charitytofreedom thoughts, we have left few real decentralized blockchain global size options

We have left two or few semi-free blockchain global sizes big options:

  • Ethereum (without that way: just only POS next year, which makes it a "big rich people network only", he said), already had broken into DAO (not so important) and Solidity has enough bugs (not an accuse), just he sais!
  • EOS: Steem, just bad about: nothing for developers, not any whitepapers, business-oriented, centralized (too few 20 witnesses, not test tools and more. Just good exchange and the best voting and power concept (not enough still, not imply reconciliation, you'll see about, in the most not so soon future) ;
  • and NEM: wake network effect, weak develop last years, complex POI consensus protocol, low speed, already craked also, code locked (centralized, not opensource, too strange, at this level);
  • WAVE: strange finances, weak team, few nodes. But I don't know still why I feel the will be our partners soon.
    Just he said to us (team) all those.
    But no problem, we have good or best pieces at least. Let's hope will work, because best proof of concept consensus protocol ever!

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