Again about proof of concept liberation consensus protocol

Let's explain again this so tricky blockchain transcendental logically mind, soul, spirit decentralized proof of concept liberation consensus protocol.
So, firstly: again, we aren't free so we'll can't see it.
But let's try, ok?
In blockchain decentralized technology, first of all, it is architecturally decentralized (as we were after slavery) and politically decentralized (somehow we was from despotism, dictatorship, until less politically decentralized democracy, but still not yet enough) and logically decentralized (as we all are but still common ideas, concepts, religion), exception is (in blockchain) the consensus protocol, ok?
But for this, to get it right, it transcends from the blockchain into all of us wants to mine it and approve it.
Now: let's try to repeat this from us (already some most structurally, body, decentralized and most politically we can be decentralized and some everyone ideas most decentralized we can) to find our proof of concept liberation consensus protocol in order to be really free and most decentralized we can: physically architecturally (our body), politically (our mind, soul) and logically (all our ideas, except consensus protocol).
And I want you to answer (to yourself) then if we repeat to transcend again (this time our) consensus protocol to where? To WHO? To seek to approve it, in order to fully decentralize us all as we can, apolitical and most own ideas to create anything we want.

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