THE DIARY GAME 3 : DATE 25-10-2020

Hello steemians and happy weekend,
It's been an awesome experience all these months on steem for me and and hope the days ahead will be more fun. So far, I'm a busy house wife 🙈🙈 and at the same time struggling to build a career. So I usually get up at 5, and start house chores. I make sure by 7:00 am, I'm done with house chores and prepare myself for work.
Today was one of such busy days as I got up at 5:00 prepare breakfast for the family, by 8:00 am I left for the quarter head's compound to collect mosquito net ( shared by the government for free to reduce the rate of malaria infection). I was there for almost an hour and was annoyed and came back home. The reason I was angry was because time is so precious for me and I had field work by 2:30pm. This was to sensitive communities on prevention of violence against women and girls.


It was a stressful day, because immidiately we arrived the community, heavy downpour started. This prolonged the program and I came back late at 6:00pm. I have to prepare dinner and by 7:00 pm, was done and dinner served.
Notwithstanding, because of the stress I'm going through, had some pimples on my face , which has been making me unhappy about the unpleasant look of my face. So I decided to rub some medication on the face as seen below.


Thank you for reading my story while waiting in the comment section suggestions on what to use (natural remedy) clear black spots and pimples on my face.

Cameroon #diarygame #steemafrica

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