We need your help promoting ChallengeDac! Thanks to @citimillz for his work promoting CHL to steemians, follow him more info on the promotional giveaway! CHLp tokens available for promoters!

Thank you to @citimillz for the recent promotion of CHL on Steem @sportstalksocial and @actifit related posts.


We will need as many steemians as possible ALL around the world who want to promote this GLOBAL challengedac project that allows anyone to challenge anyone with a paid task, many of which will be fitness oriented. I already challenged a friend with a Mt Fuji climb challenge, where they would get a blockchain crypto reward for climbing the top of Mt Fuji WHICH does have Wifi/ data by the way :)

@challengedac has a working app on the app store, and a pegged CHLp pegged asset that we have already airdropped for many users with @steemairdrops with the help of @ackza and especially @gerber who we really appreciate for his help in the CHLP airdrop. Another 1000 CHLp has been sent to @gerber as a small token of our appreciation.

Also 2000 more CHLp has been sent to @citimillz so he can keep 1000 and help distribute 1000 more

@ackza has purchased a few thousand more CHLp to give to anyone here who would like to help replicate the work of @citimillz to give 10 to 50 CHLp to various steem users on @actifit and @sportstalksocial related posts and show them in their comments.

It is very simple work and all you are doing is basically giving your friends token and telling them about CHL @challengedac a Blockchain dapp that lets you create a GPS and time based challenge, so you can challenge your friend to show up at the gym at a specific time, and they can earn EOS based CHL for just showing up! We have already integrated steem into Challengedac with the steem engine pegged asset CHLp and we will soon have Challenge tip bots that can automate the work of @nathanmars @nathanmars7 which will tip users CHL for posting videos of themselves doing pushups situps and various exercise. And since CHl is soon coming to Tipit we will be able to send CHL to any twitter account , tipping them CHl for doing pushups DIRECTLy without them needing a steem or eos account!


So if you want some CHLp or if you have any desire to promote Fitness blockchain Dapps come and check out the CHl telegram. and come CHL with us ;) https://t.me/Challenge_Dac

Trade CHLP on Steem-Engine here

Trade CHL on newdex Here

and message @ackza if you need to sell your CHLP on Steem-Engine and you need some liquidity at newdex prices. We have some new buy orders to allow anyone with CHLP to sell (or buy) at around newdex prices if they need.

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I love being a part of positive developments especially one in the Blockchain world! This dapp is great news for lovers of fitness activities and Thanks for coming to the rescue of sport lovers.

23.10.2019 13:08


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23.10.2019 23:28

I am trying to find the app for my iphone, but can't see it. Is it in test mode?

31.10.2019 18:12