(STEEMDAO 100%) Earn CHL & CHLp for helping ChallengeDac! $100.00 EOS Party Only $97.22 Away! We would like to give you 5000 CHL tokens for helping promote CHL and ChallengeDapp on Social Media! Bonus CHLp if you post in r/challengedac reddit!


The latest version of challenge app is now available in the google play store! Complete with free EOS main net accounts and free crypto for downloading! Sign up using your phone number in seconds! Follow the link below to download!
Get rewarded for sharing information about challenge Dapp on your social media! For the next week anyone who shares challenge DAC news or a link the challenge app and shares a screenshot of it on our telegram channel along with their EOS account name we will send you 5,000 CHL!
Also, below to a short-medium article giving a tutorial on how to use the Challenge app!
To stay up to dates with the latest challenge DAC news follow the links below!
Trade CHL on Newdex here:

We would love to work with other fitness dapps on Steem Blockchain. Apparently @sportstalksocial https://sportstalksocial.io and @actifit https://actifit.io happen to be the first two fitness and sports related dapps we were told to come talk to. I can arrange a simple airdrop of CHLp to some of the top Actifit or SPORTS

Anyway if you post about challengedac on the subreddit here https://www.reddit.com/r/ChallengeDAC/ this account will send you a bonus 500 CHLp on top of the 5000 you can get from @eoskent over on Telegram on the Main Official Developer CHL room: https://t.me/Challange_DAC

If youd like to get tipped CHLp in the discord room and gain access to social bounties there https://chl.myfreecrypto.org or https://discordapp.com/invite/V9GVtuJ

100% of this post rewards has been used for steemproposals or steemdao

Challenge Dac is an App on the iOS and Android App / Play Stores that already works with the EOS blockchain allowing anyone to sign in with just a phone number, and withdraws and deposits to an EOS main net account will be very easy for any user soon. For now we have an app, we have a DAC coming, and we have an active community on telegram with a popular leader who makes videos about EOS and has a nice following here:

Kent sent out that email and is willing to give out 5000 CHL to users who promoting CHL. And after you go to the t.me/challange_dac telegram you can then come to the @challengedac discord https://chl.myfreecrypto.org if you post to the subreddit you can also get a few hundred CHLp while supplies last :)


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hey very important that people get some of this token especially since its on Steem ENgine. MAny were already airdropped 1 CHLp and we should all try the app and at least get 5000 more!


https://chl.myfreecrypto.org for the discord where they need people to go post on https://reddit.com/r/challengedac

30.09.2019 15:38