Sneak peak at the new ChallengeDac Mobile App with GPS pinneed challenges on a map of YOUR city!

The ChallengeDac mobile app will soon have an update and will include more open ended challenges. We will also work closer to reward steem community members who promote our project using Steem as the social media network it is. It is the perfect niche, cryptocurrency, for our project, and we have added the CHL token to as CHLP trading here:

Steem User and West African ChallengeDac COmmunity member @citimillz has been tasked to keep the market liquid and market make here:
@citimilzl and a few others have been nominated by @ackza to become the leaders for their regions, in this case West Africa. We will see how well he does promoting ChallengeDac and hes off to a great start so far. We will see if he can accept the "Challenge" of representing this potentially powerful fitness and outdoor blockchain GPS smart contract dapp in Nigeria and West Africa.


We need more people to come use the early versions of the app, which is on the play store and apple app store and we need reviews, users and community members to post about it here on steem! Be the first to test this out and drop tokens into your local area, with ChallengeDac, now trading against STEEMP on Steem Engine as CHLP.

We also have plans to add SAND functionality to the dapp, for @sandiegocoin and its tribe that allows people to post about San DIego related social media and earn SAND tokens on steem and EOS. You can even use steem engine or newdex to go between CHl and SAND, and you can exchange CHLP directly for STEEMP on steem-engine and we hope to conduct some more CHLP airdrops with the help of @gerber

To learn more about this download the ChallengeDapp mobile app


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