Our Updated version Challengeeos Version 1.4 is now Live: New Tokens added to Dapp

Happy New Year Challenge family!

We hope you all had fun during the festive season and our warmest greetings goes out to you all for always believing in us.
Challengeeos version 1.4 is now live as of a few hours ago! Complete with token function as well as new tokens you can play with! Our duty is giving our users the very best. Hope everyone enjoys!

Challengeeos App is an EOS based mobile App which is used to send and recieve challenges. It uses a time sensitive and geo-specific function which means a player can challenge another player to go to the gym at a particular location and carry out a task like doing exercise. The challenge receiver unlocks a crypto reward. The App has it's own local cryptocurrency called CHL available on Newdex, CoinGecko and Okex exchanges. Challengeeos also has a steem pegged asset called CHLP available on Steem engine.


New tokens have been added to our dapp to be used by players to send challenges among themselves. These tokens are SAND, SENSE and EETH.


Download our Updated Version
Android Users:
iOS Users:

Visit our website for more info https://challengedapp.io

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Hope to use it today.

01.01.2020 16:02

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01.01.2020 19:00

Thanks for fix this wonderful app
Now i am update my app .

Steemit people are encouraged to work for you.
Once again thanks and happy new year

02.01.2020 05:10

WOWOW look SAND is on challenge dapp, so SAND has a Native iOS and Android app servicing its token so we can do local sand challenges

soon i will have SAND on WAX and WORBLI so i can do KYC for SAND and provide airdrops to local users only who have a local government ID lol

I will also use challenge to give it anonymously but we will need a way to carry out the airdrop of 1 SAND to 1 Local User.

EDNA people really opened my eyes top worbli and kyc and medical tech https://t.me/edna_life did you know Ancestry.com can make $70,000 off every dna sample over your life? LOL

03.01.2020 02:48